China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (July 2010)

A sneak peak at China Glaze’s Autumn (or Fall, whatever) 2010 collection for your viewing pleasure ;D these will be available in July 2010 (at least for the USA and Canada, we’ll probably get them a little bit later in the UK but I always order from overseas anyways).

Yknow, I spent all of Autumn and Winter complaining about how badly I wanted Spring to come so I could break out my pastels and brights, and now I’ve seen this I’m dying for September sorta time so I can justify wearing these beauties. Although I am kinda hoping they’re not glitters.

Which ones are you stoked for? I’m absolutely loving the look of Emerald Fitzgerald, Hey Doll, Swing Baby and First Class Ticket… hell, I want them all. But Bogie? Looks like a lovely colour but bit of a stupid name o.O let’s hope that was a typo and it’s actually Boogie! Hehe.

You liking the look of these?

21 thoughts on “China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection (July 2010)

  1. @Claudia: Haha oh god thanks for reminding me I didn’t put that in the post! I put July 2010 in the title but forgot to mention it in the post :) thanks!

  2. Ooh they look pretty! Hard to tell in those little images but Hey Doll and ‘Bogie’ lol look like my faves of the lot. I dont own any China Glaze, maybe ill get some next winter even though it seems crazy to think that far ahead right now!

  3. Bogie’s actually a pretty good name in here as it stands for Humphrey Bogart.

    I really like Midnight Mission and First Class ticket, but if they’re glitters, I’m passing on them all together.

  4. @Gemma: I can’t believe you’ve never had a China Glaze *cries for you* – you need some :)

    @Papaya Bunny: Haha I hadn’t thought of that :) and I agree, sick of glitters!

    @Trincess: I hope you’re right – we REALLY don’t need any more glitters from China Glaze after their massive collection of them last year!

  5. Loving the look of First Class Ticket, Midnight Mission, Emerald Fitzgerald, Foxy, and Classic Camel. Seriously though, Classic Camel lol? xox

  6. @ Leanne- I know! I got all carried away with my OPI’s lol.. for some reason i like to collect lots of bottles from one brand instead of lots of random ones. Will be coming to you to find out the best places to buy when i get some though!

  7. @Silver Diva: I have to mostly agree with you there although Swing Baby does look nice!

    @Makeup Kitten: Foxy looks nice but I just never wear reds!

    @Kim: Haha I know right, what are they on?

    @Gemma: Haha I’m the opposite, I’ve only got one OPI ;P (and the Designer Series topcoat and Drip Dry, but just one polish, Russian Navy if you’re interested ;P), China Glaze is just so much cheaper to get hold of for me! I’m not an awful lot of help on where to get China Glaze in England ’cause I use which only ships to the US, I have a friend who receives my orders for me then ships them over! :D

  8. Ooh very pretty, think my faves are Emerald Fitzgerald, Foxy, Midnight Mission and First Class Ticket. I’ve not had and CG before either, probably because I’m a see-it-buy-it kinda girl and I don’t see these in the shops!

  9. @Yakitori: I think they’re pretty much all gorgeous!

    @Roz: Yknow, I don’t even know where they sell these in the UK but I know they’re a whole lot cheaper to order online from America! Give eBay a try :)

    @Kelliegonzo: Same here, ChG normally come out with some fab collections :D

    @So Very Fabulous: I know right, July is like.. forever away :(

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