The Dupe Hunt is on! China Glaze Up & Away

*Sigh* so as expected, I have reasonable dupes for most of the colours I hauled already. Hahaaa woops! Let’s take a look:

L-R China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, Sportsgirl Nail It! Apple, George @ Asda Streamer, Barry M Mint Green. Same order thumb – ring finger!

As I expected from comparing the bottles, Mint Green is a lot more blue and Apple is a lot more dusty and muted. Streamer is just a touch lighter than Re-Fresh Mint but these two are close enough that I’d have to say you don’t really need both.

L-R China Glaze Something Sweet, George @ Asda Sherbet Fizz, Eyeko Pretty Polish. Same order thumb – middle finger!

Sherbet Fizz is a totally different colour. I orginally bought Something Sweet with the hopes it would be an exact colour dupe of Pretty Polish which I love so much but we all know about the crap brush and formula on the original Eyekos. They aren’t exact matches, the Eyeko is a liiittle more on the white side but I love them both.

L-R China Glaze Light As Air, George @ Asda Be Mine, Collection 2000 Dynasty. Same order thumb – middle finger!

Dynasty is immediately noticeable as having much more of a pink tint to it than the other two. Be Mine is a bit brighter whereas Light As Air is more muted but they’re still very similar. But, as a lilac lover, I’m happy to own them all ;P

L-R China Glaze Peachy Keen, Guppy #33. Thumb & middle = Peachy Keen, index & ring = #33

Noticeably different, both totally gorgeous. Peachy Keen is leaning a bit more orange and #33 is leaning a bit more coral. Love them both though and think that pairing this could make for a really subtle Konad! I’ll have to try it out.

L-R China Glaze Sugar High, Collection 2000 Hoola Hoop. Thumb & middle = Sugar High, index & ring = Hoola Hoop.

Not much of a difference here at all ‘cept Sugar High is a bit more ‘bubblegum’.

L-R China Glaze Lemon Fizz, NYC i114A (this is ancient, they don’t do it anymore). Thumb & middle = Lemon Fizz, index & ring = NYC.

I knew these wouldn’t be similar at all since the old NYC one is a shimmer and Lemon Fizz is a creme. But it’s the only other yellow I have in my collection apart from Barielle Lemon Drops which is briiight. This was kinda just done especially for Halifax who asked if I knew of a dupe for Lemon Fizz. Well, I don’t have it but I’m suspecting that Model’s Own Lemon Merinque is VERY similar from all the pictures I’ve seen.

Hope this is helpful in some way, to someone. ;D

17 thoughts on “The Dupe Hunt is on! China Glaze Up & Away

  1. I didn’t see this. I DON’T NEED TO SEE THIS **peeks thru fingers** Oh god the first ones… unfffff beautiful, beautiful dupes

    no nail polish buying! YOU’RE KILLING ME HEREEEEE xxxxx

  2. Great post :) Might not bother ordering China Glaze now. None of the pastels are particularly jumping out to me. So glad you ordered before me now lol! xox

  3. Hi, I’ve just found your blog and wanted to say i LOVE it! I have just read through every post (it took me a while :) haha) but it was well worth it! I love how you do your nails and I’m very jealous that I can’t do mine that well! Love all your makeup looks too, I’l be using you for inspiration :)


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