Quick Heads Up – Jolie Beauty Store

Hello my lovelies, just a quick heads up! I just read on Lollipop26′s blog that Jolie Beauty Store is back!

For anyone who’s not familiar, Jolie Beauty Store was a store on eBay which was pretty much THE OPI resource for anyone outside the USA because we get totally ripped off over here. Anyway, for some reason, RIGHT on the day I was going to actually make my first order with them, they disappeared off of eBay. Something to do with copyright issues or something, apparently.

But anyway, the good news is THEY’RE BACK! Albeit with a new name but still with the same jaw-droppingly good (for us, anyway) prices.

Go take a looksie at Enchanted Beauty Store, formerly known as Jolie Beauty Store.

Unfortunately, I’m literally skint right now but rest assured it is bookmarked for later! Let me know if any of you haul anything! :D

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