Question of the Week: What do you want to see on Do Not Refreeze?

Last Week’s Answers From A Fortnight Ago!
Out of all the comments replying to my last Question of the Week post about skincare routines, I can confirm that only Nik, Jo and Jules stick to good, strict skincare routines unlike me – congrats on your lovely faces girls, the rest of us will just hang our heads in shame! ;P
This week’s question…
What do you want to see on Do Not Refreeze?
It can’t have escaped your attention if you’re normally a regular reader that I’ve really been lacking in inspiration and motivation recently. I need you lovely ladies to help me out! What do you want to see here? I’m not gonna stick a poll in my sidebar for you to answer ’cause they’re never descriptive enough, I’d just like a tiny bit of input on what made you hit the follow button in the first place and if you’d like to see more of what brought you here!
Please help me out girls. I hope to be back in full swing ASAP!

8 thoughts on “Question of the Week: What do you want to see on Do Not Refreeze?

  1. You dont have to worry about a strict skincare routine at your age anyway babe. Wish I was 18 again! I’d say once you hit 21, thats when it needs to start.

    As for what I’d like to see… hmmmm….

    *is thinking*

    *is still thinking*

    Dunno actually :( all that thinking and thats all I come up with haha. I love your blog how it is though. I do love it when you post your mani’s though and FOTD’s. What about some reviews on the products you swear by? Your best drugstore make up in your collection? erm…products your interested in trying, in budget or way out of budget and just in your dreams (my list is like my arm for that one ha)m, everyday face routine?

    Dunno really babe… not good with this sort of thing but I tried :(


  2. You have gorgeous skin anyway hun, no need to worry. I’ve finally started to get in to the habit with mine and only 5 years too late according to Jo^ lol

    What do I want to see? I love your blog as it is babe. I love your KOTD and mani’s. Umm.. OOTD or room tour or drugstore reviews, make up routine, how you do your manis and paint so blooming well lol

    I’m not great with this stuff, incase you can’t tell I’ve been lacking inspiration too… xx

    Any ideas to send my way lol ;)

  3. I love your NOTDs so i’d love to see more of them!
    I’ve been a bit like you & struggling to think of things to post, you could do your skincare routine, whats in your makeup bag, ins & outs, favourite music, shop of the week where you write about what you’re loving, perfume collection, favourite jewellery, hair product must haves … i can’t think of anymore!
    Hope this helps you though :)

  4. I like your FOTDs :) I know what you mean about inspiration though. I’m lacking in that too. I’ll tell you what I reallly want to see – your China Glaze Up & Away collection :D Maybe like swatches? And then different manis when you get round to it.


    P.S. Your wishlist needs updating ;P

  5. Oooh well I turn to your blog for fabulous Konads, NOTD mani’s etc!
    Also I personally love FOTDs and think you are really good at them so maybs some more of them…?
    Reviews of products as mentioned by Jo? I always like getting tips from blogs as to whether a product is worth the purchase or not!
    Just keep doing what you have a passion for and it will show through in your writing!

  6. Your blog is perfect as it is! but if you really need some ideas then……..i suppose you could do more reviews on drugstore products or maybe do your top 5 every once in a while, hope this helped :)xx

  7. I only keep my skincare like that and all annoying cos it’s helped my uber oily skin :P Now it’s combo, which is better than UBER UBER UBER OILY :D Woooo!! Consistency, i find it so boring though! xxx

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