Product Rave: GOSH Rainbow

Flakies are hot sauce in the polish blogging world right now. I really wanted to try Inglot’s flakies whilst I was there but I couldn’t quite justify paying £7 each for tiiiny little bottles (I’m gonna guess they were 5ml?) when I’d just bought this lovely GOSH one at £5 for 8ml. I’d been lemming this for ages and I’m so glad I finally got it. It looks very modest and cutesy in the bottle, and over light colours, but stick it over a dark base colour and BAM!

Here’s one coat of Rainbow over plain black polish (an old NYC one). I’d already learnt my lesson about interesting layering polishes needing to be tried over black immediately after my session with the BYS Glam Glitters. This is truly beautiful, it flashes all different shades of red, orange, pink, green and gold depending on the angle you catch it from. I guarantee you it’s impossible to capture how amazing this polish is in photos. YOU NEED IT.

I’ve also swatched this on a nail wheel over some other colours but can’t get a good photo at the moment without natural light. I’ll edit this to include it if anyone’s interested? I can confirm that it looks AMAZING over dark purple :) it’s cute and pretty over light, nude shades but it really comes alive over dark shades.

GOSH nail polishes are available in the UK from most Superdrug stores (although this one normally seems to be a bit of a bugger to find!)

P.S. The observant among you may have noticed you’re seeing my right hand in these pictures instead of my left like usual… I’ve broken a nail for the first time since early December D: devastated! The middle finger on my left hand. Fortunately it’s not too low and stumpy, and my left hand will be returning to it’s modelling career with my next nail post!

23 thoughts on “Product Rave: GOSH Rainbow

  1. @Abbie: Isn’t it gorgeous!

    @BabyD: I’m dying for more now!

    @LiAnn: Unforunately I don’t think it’s readily available in the US, eBay is probably your best bet or a swap!

    @Allie Bunni: Hehe! Just doing my job, glad to be of service ;P


  2. Wow! I’d love to see it over the purple, you know purple is a love of mine! Poor left hand, I’m sure your nail will grow back quickly. I broke the index finger on my left hand, and my ring finger still hasn’t grown out from it’s last break. Wish they’d hurry up and grow! x

  3. WoW That looks awesome!
    I have seen this in my Superdrug but didnt think it would show up very well on bare nails! I didnt think about layering it over darker nails!
    Fab! Thanks…i shall be purchasing this now for sure!
    Great blog girlie

  4. I found it last week in a drugstore in Belgium. This polish is TOO amazing ! And there was one bottle on sale at 2.50€ o_O I wanted to tryit on a dark purple base but I’ll wait to see your nails wheel :D

  5. damn u guys get all the nice stuff.. they don’t sell this in my country and i can’t seem to find a site that ships it here either)’: i have no idea how to get my hands on it!

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