Mismatched Monochrome Mani (and dot com!)

So I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought my own domain name! As far as I’ve been made aware by Blogger, this doesn’t affect my followers at all, my posts will still appear in your reader but my old URL (Freeze3006.blogspot.com) will now redirect here (donotrefreeze.com).

I also have a new email address which I would prefer to be contacted on: leanne@donotrefreeze.com :)


Now, I’ve never, ever been a fan of mismatched nails. I always thought it looked sooo tacky and horrible when girls at school used to do alternating colours on their nails and all that junk. But, since I’ve been reading so many nail blogs I’ve become a bit of a fan of the accent nail, and also I think that being into nail art can make mismatched nails look a little more interesting rather than lazy and tacky like I used to always think.

For those reasons, plus extreme boredom last night, I created my first mismatched mani in about 8 years. I called it monochrome in the title but there’s a flash of pink in there too. Hope you like:

Left hand (you can see the broken middle nail I told you about in my last post… *hums funeral march):

Thumb & ring: Color Club Smoke & Mirrors, stamping with M57 and Color Club Dark Romance, pink rhinestones
Index: Dark Romance, stamping with M60 and Smoke & Mirrors
Middle: Smoke & Mirrors, stamping with M64 and Dark Romance
Pinkie: Color Club Alabaster, stamping with M60 and Dark Romance and BYS Pink Panic

Right hand:

Thumb: Dark Romance, stamping with M64 and Smoke & Mirrors (had to try double stamping for this one since my thumbnails have gotten pretty long… didn’t turn out too bad I don’t think!)
Index: Smoke & Mirrors, stamping with M60 and Dark Romance
Middle & pinkie: Smoke & Mirrors, stamping with M57 and Dark Romance, pink rhinestones
Ring: Alabaster, stamping with M60 and Dark Romance and BYS Pink Panic

And a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic to finish!

What do you think of mismatched nails?

14 thoughts on “Mismatched Monochrome Mani (and dot com!)

  1. It seems to work because all the colours co-ordinate plus the designs are all so pretty :)! I remember when i was younger i used to paint my nails alternative colours if i couldnt decide between pink or black i did both lol- i think i did a ‘skittles’ look once too lol x

  2. I didn’t particularly like the mismatched nails when I was younger either. I’ve never ever painted them like that, other than a quick swatch of polish knowing it would be off in 5 mins. But I like this, it’s all co-ordinated and fits together and such pretty designs! I’m still so jealous of your nails and skill. Can you do a post on you take care of your nails..?

    Yay for the domain! xx

  3. The idea of mis matched nails makesd me shudder… but after seeing your version I really really like it. I especially love your thumb and ring finger. So pretty.


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