Is it just me…

…When your enthusiasm for something is waning, if you buy something related to it, your enthusiasm is instantly restored?

I feel like that. I’d gotten really bored of playing with makeup – I used to do it aaaall the time but in the last couple of months I’d got so bored with eyeshadow play and had just got into the routine of only wearing eyeliner and mascara on my eyes.

But then, I went to IMATS ;P I didn’t buy any eyeshadows (well, I bought that Inglot palette but it wasn’t technically at IMATS so shh), but I did buy a whole bunch of eye brushes. I felt immediately like if I had better tools, I’d be able to do a better job – I’ll be honest, most of the eye brushes I had before were crap. If anyone’s actually interested in seeing the brushes I got in a bit more detail, please let me know.

So yeah… armed with my new brushes, this morning I broke out my negelected 120 palette and set about creating a look I wouldn’t normally do. I guess it’s not too bad, but it certainly needs a lot of improvement.

So, I started with Kryolan Eyeshadow Base over the entire lid, followed by a touch of NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, blended out with a finger. Using a kind of dark magenta sort of colour from the 120 palette (I used all matte shadows by the way, except for the highlight) and a soft, fluffy blending brush I used windshield wiper motions through my crease until I’d built up a colour intensity I was happy with. Next, using an angled brush, I took a tiiiny bit of a matte black colour and drew the outline shape for how I wanted the makeup to look when it was finished, and blended this in well with the pink. On the lid I applied a light blue, then a slightly darker blue on the outer part of the lid. I didn’t really like how the blue and pink looked so start next to each other so I took a soft pencil brush and blended a matte purple between the two colours. I applied a vanilla colour with a slight shimmer as a brow highlight and around the inner tear duct area, then used GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Purple Stain along the lower lashline. This tied in well with the purple in my crease, although you can’t see it in the pictures. I took a flat, synthetic concealer brush and used my Fero Cosmetics cream concealer to neaten up the sharp edge, then applied my usual Maybelline Line Definer on the upper lashline and GOSH Velvet Touch in Black Ink on my upper and lower waterlines. Finished off with a pair of crappy false lashes from the pound shop. ;D

I think the thing I need to work on most is creating different shapes with my eye makeup and figuring out what looks best with my eye shape. I think that next time I create an eye with a sharp edge, I will pull it up further and have it at more of an upwards angle – I feel the way I did it this time makes my eyes look a little droopy!

Tips and all that good stuff greatly appreciated, ladies :) just don’t be mean – I don’t claim to be any good at this stuff!

16 thoughts on “Is it just me…

  1. I’ve been feeling a bit like that lately – just not bothered lol. And how on earth did you get those darn lashes to stick? Mine totally wouldn’t :S Silly Poundland! xox

  2. @Shirley: Thanks honeybunch! Long time no speak!

    @BabyD: Haha I think we all are – we just want an excuse to spend money! Thank you :)

    @Small Town Gal: Exactly! Glad I’m not the only one :)

    @Claire: Daww thanks hun. Definitely not a natural though, need a lot more practice!

    @Kim: I tweeted you – but I didn’t use the glue that came with them ;P

    @Nikki: Daww well hopefully once Amber is in a proper routine you might be able to steal half an hour in front of the mirror armed with some makeup! :D

    @xLovelyMakeupx: Thank you!

    @tackyblueeyeshadow: Thanks! Yeah I was the same over Christmas for some reason!

    @London’s-beauty: Daww thank you. :)


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