How generous are you feeling today, ladies?

I was so excited to open my inbox this afternoon to an email informing me that I have been nominated for the BeautyJudge UK Beauty Blog Awards 2010!
I have been nominated in the Everyday Woman Award category, which is for bloggers/YouTubers with under 500 followers/subscribers. The awards were thought out with regards to the idea of quality over quantity – it’s not about who’s got the most followers, it’s about who’s followers actually vote for them!
I also want to make you aware of The Voter’s Prize. Everyone who votes (yes, international readers can most certainly vote) is entered into a drawer to win a fantastic hamper of cult beauty items worth over £100, including MAC, Elizabeth Arden, Urban Decay and more! So you have no reason not to vote, even if you decide not to vote for me.
I’m nervous as I’m up against some amazing bloggers like Jo from Beautylicious Love, Bicky from Tastes Like Glitter, and Carla from The Girl With The Golden Touch to name but a few. I know that if you follow me, it’s likely that you follow one or more of these girls too so I don’t want anyone to feel forced into voting for me. Don’t forget the other amazing bloggers out there!
But, if you do want to vote for me (for which I would be so grateful.. even if I just get one vote I’ll be happy as Larry!), you can do so by clicking here and entering my voting ID, which is:

(If the link above does not work, please go here and scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the purple ‘Vote Now’ button)
I’m very happy to have been nominated – I’m not sure how the nominees are chosen (i.e. whether choose the blogs themselves or if they are nominated by other pepole), but if it’s the latter then a huge thank you to whoever nominated me.
I feel really special to have even been nominated, hehe. I know it’s a total cliche in the blogosphere but this blog just started as a way to kill time during my old college breaks when I was just starting to delve into the wonderful world of makeup. To be up for an actual award because of it really is something else! So thank you very much. :)
Christ I feel like I’m accepting an Emmy or something XD

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