Giveaway Winner Announced!

I ended up receiving 101 entries into my giveaway – thank you, that’s way more than I was expecting! I began that giveaway to celebrate reaching 300 followers, I’m now on 415.. I’m overwhelmed! Thank you :)

Those 101 entries were not including the comments on that post that weren’t valid entries – I made sure I went through and did it properly to make it fair!

The 4th entry was…

Ellie @ Barbie’s Glitter!

Congrats Ellie :) I’ve emailed you!

(If I receive no reply from Ellie by Monday evening I shall draw another winner)

Do you wanna know what Ellie’s 5 items were?

“1. Revlon colourstay foundation
2. YSL faux cils mascara number 1
3. Chanel nail polish in pimpant
4. Ruby and millie face brush, it’s so multi purpose :)
5. Borjois bronzer”

One of the most popular tools that people chose in the contest was Shu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler – it must be pretty amazing, almost half the total entries chose that for their tool!

I think I’d probably pick tweezers over curlers for my tool… I’d rather have poker straight lashes than bushy brows!

Thanks so much to everyone took part, I hope you had fun whittling down your favourite items to 5! No worries if you didn’t win, I shall be hosting another giveaway soon thanks to Skin MD Natural.

P.S… Like my new layout? I thought my new domain name deserved a new look. :)

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