Top Products of 2009: Part Two (Nail Polishes)

As promised, the second instalment of my top products of 2009. Here’s the nail polish!

Again in no particular order, and they’re not numbered because I think it’s obvious that I’m going to talk about them from left to right ;P

China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3D (Kaleidoscope collection)
If I were to show you a picture of the bottle, you can see I’ve used almost half of it already and I’ve only had it since October. That’s how much I love this polish! Also probably because it takes at least 3 coats to look it’s best, but it’s so, so pretty! This is the only Kaleidoscope I’ve got but I’m definitely wanting to get more, particularly Kaleidoscope Him Out which I saw on Bicky’s blog. You can see a much more awesome picture of Let’s Do It In 3D in my post here.

GOSH Holographic
Coming from someone who owns both, this is actually a LOT more holographic than China Glaze OMG. Obviously I can’t rave about the durability of this polish, holos are notorious for not lasting long but this can start chipping within just a few hours. But it’s so pretty that those few hours are worth it just for being able to ooh and ahh and your fingertips! You can see a (slightly crappy) Konadicure I did featuring this here (please note that was my third ever go at using Konad)!

China Glaze TTYL (OMG Collection)
I promise this is the last holo. The longevity of this is much much better than the GOSH holo, and this one is such a pretty colour. This is pretty much my go-to polish when I really quickly need to do my nails and don’t have time to mess around Konad-ing and all that. If I’ve only got 10 minutes, I know I can slap a couple of coats of this on and it will be dry and looking gorgeous with a few minutes to spare. I LOVE this. I haven’t got any Konadicures or anything to show you with this because it’s so pretty that I like to leave it plain!

Barry M Pinky Caramel (124)
I wore this one A LOT in the early summer, and I especially loved it with NYX Natural layered over the top for a bit of pearliness. You can see a freehand flowers mani I did featuring this one in this post.

Guppy no25
This is my favourite Guppy nail polish (I only have three but there you go), this is such a gorgeous, sophisticated colour! I always feel very grown up when I wear this but it’s not boring by any means. A mani featuring this one can be seen in the same post as before!

Barry M Grey (293)
What’s not to love about this one? It’s so unique, and isn’t a pain in the arse to apply like some Barry M’s *glares at Shocking Pink*. I used to get a lot of compliments on this one when I wore it at college (I left college before I got into all the nail art stuff, imagine the compliments I’d be getting now! hehe). It also looks especially gorgeous with a holo topcoat! You can see a holo Konadicure with Barry M Grey in this post.

Rimmel Underground (Lasting Finish Formula)
I hate that we can’t get the Lasting Formula in the UK anymore! This is such a GORGEOUS purple, I pretty much drool every time I apply it. I did a gorrrgeous Konadicure with this whilst I was away for New Year but I forgot to take a picture of it, now I vow to recreate it for you just to showcase this beautiful polish!

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (Released in every Holiday collection)
I don’t know one person who owns this polish and doesn’t like it. What’s not to love? SO. FREAKING. PRETTY. Words sort of fail me with this one. Take a look at my Christmas Day mani featuring this total winner of a polish.

OPI Russian Navy
This one is only a recent acquisition, I won it in a contest held by the lovely Helen of Nice Things and it rapidly became one of my all time favourite polishes. My first OPI was Under The Apple Tree which I wasn’t very impressed with so was left feeling disappoited with OPI and wondering what all the fuss was about, but Russian Navy turned my frown upside down! I love it SO MUCH, I’ve got a bit of a thaaang for dark blues anyway but this is my all time faovurite. You can see a cool water marble mani with this in my old week of manis post, and I’m sure you’ll agree it also looks absolutely stunning matte!

NYC Cognac Sparkle (Nail Glossies)
SUCH A STUNNER. The pic on the wheel doesn’t do it any justice. It’s this amazing claret-burgundy-purple fusion with a jaw dropping gold shimmer. I picked it up for a pound in TK Maxx which has got to be one of the best bargains ever. It didn’t look nearly so pretty in the bottle but I was a bit intriqued by the gold shimmer so I picked it up on a whim and boy am I glad I did. You can see one of my favourite ever Konadicures using it in this post.

So those were my favourite nail polishes of last year. What were yours? I’d love to know :D

9 thoughts on “Top Products of 2009: Part Two (Nail Polishes)

  1. That link for my blog links to your picture. Unless that was your intention. ;P Haha. That purple looks amazing though! Hate stuff that you can only get in the US though. ¬_¬

  2. Wow. I love love love all of these and I actually own only one. The barry M grey. Think I’m slacking a bit. The Guppy polish is gorgeous, so jealous! xx

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