Question of the Week: Makeup Brushes

Last Week’s Answers

Jacie said… “I really don’t like the square acrylics that people like Jordan wear. They just look so fake and not very feminine. In my opinion, anyway.”
(I agree, I think they look quite vulgar when they’re very square. I prefer a squoval shape to nails whether they’re false or natural.)

Kirsten said… “Please people, don’t let anyone ever come near your nails (natural or otherwise) with an e-file! If they need one, they suck and you need to find a better stylist.”
(I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t have said, thanks for the advice!)

Nathalie said… “I will never judge someone who wear some (not even the bad tasted stuff like disease flowers and bubbles). If a girl feels more beautiful with this, then go for it.”
(That’a admirable, but I’d definitely pull an ‘ewww’ face if I saw someone with bubble nails! Hehe.)

Helen left a lovely scare story about acrylics, which ended with… “I decided that I couldn’t cope with it any more and one day soaked the lot off. It took a year to grow out the damage.”
(Eeesh, not cool D:)

Jools said… “Battling with hardcore nail biting, I’ve found the glue on falsey nails have helped me a lot! Aslong as they are done right – rad!”
(Well that’s as good a reason as any!)

Here’s this week’s burning question, as suggested by (the very talented) Liloo

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How do you care for your makeup brushes – how often do you clean them, what do you clean them with? How do you store them, and what do you do with them when you travel? Tell all!

Liloo’s idea for the question came about whilst we were having a chat on Twitter about brushes vs a damp sponge for applying foundation. She said she couldn’t be bothered with cleaning a foundation brush every day and I had to agree – I only clean mine two, sometimes three times a week. Is that kinda gross? Haha I’m hoping it wouldn’t harbour any germs that aren’t mine since I don’t share anything. So yeah, I clean face brushes a couple of times a week and eye brushes less often – I spot clean them on a wet wipe every time I use them to get the worst of the colour off but I only deep clean with baby shampoo maybe once a fortnight. I’m too lazy with this shit, I know.

I store my makeup brushes in a BIG square vase I got for a pound from a charity shop, specifically for the purpose. I spent a couple of weeks hunting around charity shops specifically looking for a cool vase or similar of a decent size to store my makeup brushes and I found the perfect one for only a pound! :D When I travel, I don’t do anything special like brush guards and all that jazz, they just go in my travel makeup bag.. Again, lazy!

So, tell us – what are your makeup brush habits?

11 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Makeup Brushes

  1. I am also very lazy when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes. The ones i use most often i will clean about twice a week..but i use so many different brushes at different times. If i was to use the same foundation brush everyday i would obviously have to kick my butt into gear and clean it more. haha.
    I keep my makeup brushes in a decorated plant pot..HAHA. It works, it looks cost me 50p from a bootsale. Bargainus! Love these posts missy :) xxx

  2. Um…I hardly ever clean my brushes. After a bad mishap ruining all of mine a while ago I don’t really clean them now at all…I rarely use brushes anyway and if I do I am the only one who uses them…I’d prefer to never clean them and just re-buy them occasionally. OK I am bad! :O

  3. My brushes stand in a lovely little clay plant pot. It get broken when it was still dedicated to plants then it get repaired with glue. It was not usable anymore as a plant pot and I didn’t want to trash it (because it’s too cute), so I recycled it. I’m like that. =)

    I clean my brushes after every use. I do that for hygienic reason and they make a better job when they’re clean, anyway. It’s a fast and automatic routine just as easy and usual as washing my hands. I use classical Marseille soap bar and water and so far it is working fine. I remove the excess of water and reshape them with a towel and let them dry in a pencil metal pot in the bathroom. They’re generally dry before the night.

    I don’t have a special habit for travel. I just put them with my mascara and various eyeliner pencils. So far, they’ve never suffered from any damage. :)

    (I like those posts!)

  4. Eeek! I wash my brushes once a week, every sunday. In between washes, I like to wipe them with a bit of wet wipe. Obviously it’s not that hygenic to only wash them once a week, but it’s just me… LOL

    I keep them in a little jar along with a small spoolie that I took from Kohls. For travel, i have little cases from when I first bought the Essence of Beauty Brushes

  5. I use the Mac brush cleaner for my brushes and generally will clean my eye brushes after every use…otherwise I will end up with a mess of colour on my eyes which has happened far too often!

    Face Brushes I clean once a week…very bad of me *slaps hand*.

    I store all my brushes in muji acrylic pen holders…the round one for my eye brushes and the square one for my face brushes :)

  6. I wash my eyeshadow and foundation brushes quite often as they get pretty dirty. However my powder and blush brushes rarely get washed. It’s bad I know but I am pretty lazy when it comes to those brushes. *Needs to go wash brushes*
    Storage wise, I keep most of them in a little pot thingy (need to get something pretty to hold them), and then the ones I use every day I keep beside my makeup.
    For traveling I just shove them in with my makeup. xo

  7. Unfortunately, I rarely clean my brushes. I always am in a hurry right after I do my make-up, and forget later on. When I do remember, I use my Sephora brush cleaner.

    As for storage, they just stand upright in a pencil holder, and when I travel I just put them in a little pouch. I really want to make one of those Sephora inspired brush holders. It would look much better.

  8. I clean mine every two weeks, though some I clean more often – particularly the ones I use to apply my cream shadows.

    I use Clinique’s brush cleaner and a paper towel, spray the brush, and then wipe it across the paper towel several times. I’ll repeat if necessary until I “swipe” the brush and all that’s left behind is damp from the brush cleaner.

    About once every three months I’ll dip all my brushes in a very tiny amount of shower gel, rinse them, and let them air dry. This acts like conditioner, keeping my brushes from becoming too stiff and dry from the alcohol in the brush cleaner.

    For storage, I stand them upright in a clear plastic oblong box with a lid. That keeps them from absorbing moisture, but keeps them all visible. (I also have several brushes from the various BE kits, still in their cellophane. These are brushes I’ve found that I like, and they’re “backups”. I keep those in a separate plastic container, away from my main makeup area.)

    I have a separate set of brushes I use for travelling. They’re smaller, and they live in their own little travel case. I got it at Sephora. It doesn’t give me the brush-versatility I prefer in my everyday brushes; but it’s a quick compact thing to grab and pack when I’m going to be away from home for three or five days.

  9. I clean my brushes probably 2/3 time a wk, but I clean my foundation brush more often coz I feel too grubby if I don’t! Bit of a pain in the arse but I do prefer brushes to a damp sponge – couldn’t see myself going back to a sponge! Am looking for new brush storage at the mo! Its hard :( I’m a bit fussy! :)

  10. I am so flipping lazy I can’t recall the last time I actually cleaned my brushes!! I think I have gone through two sets because my original brushes are so dirty I just buy a new lot. I’ve got new brushes now, so I best take care of them!

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