Question of the Week: Lush

For 2010 I’ve decided to start a new ‘Question of the Week’ series that I’ll aim to do every Monday. I’ve got a few planned for the coming 4 or 5 weeks but I’m definitely open to (and grateful for) any suggestions you might have!

Question of the Week will provide us with a beauty related topic we can discuss for the week, sharing opinions and such. Each week I’ll include some of your comments and opinions from last week’s topic – obviously I can’t do that for this one since it’s the first one! So let’s kick off week one..

What do you think of Lush?

As for what I think of Lush: OVER. FUCKING. RATED.

I used to work at Lush a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved it, it was hands down the best job I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few for an 18 year old). I loved the products and the 50% staff discount was definitely not to be scoffed at. We had good training (not so good pay but I was only 16 at the time so it wasn’t a big deal) and it was generally a great job.

But sadly I think Lush has really sold out in the last year or so. Since they made it big in America they’ve really lost their awesome British charm and although I’m happy for them that they’ve become really big, I can’t help but feel I loved it so much more when it was smaller.

I hate to say it but I am sick to the back damn teeth of seeing Lush posts in my reader. That doesn’t mean if you write Lush posts I’m going to stop reading your blog or anything silly like that, I just skip over every Lush post I see. In the last few months there’s seriously been about 10 Lush posts a day in my reader and IT’S DRIVING ME MAD! Yes they’re lovely, interesting products but they’re not the most amazing thing in the world. It’s great that more people are discovering it, don’t get me wrong, it’s just become SO DAMN OVERRATED!

I’ve had a few people ask me why I don’t post about Lush since I used to work there and consequently have a good product knowledge. There’s a few reasons, the main ones being that I can’t be the only person who can’t bear the overload of Lush posts all over Blogger, and because in all honesty I’m not nearly as in love with the products as I used to be because after having paid half price for them, they seem so expensive afterwards for what they are. Not to mention their prices have skyrocketed since then.

Haha, I don’t mean for this post to be a total downer. Like I said, it’s great that Lush are becoming more recognised and more people are discovering and loving it, but it IS seriously overrated in my opinion.

BUT! Question of the Week isn’t just about my opinion. It’s a chance for all of us to share and discuss our views. So tell me – what do you think of Lush? Love it or hate it? What do you like and dislike about it, as a company and their products? Tell all!

And please leave your suggestions for future Question of the Week topics! :)

Please note that if I choose to feature your comment in next week’s post, I may need to shorten/edit it for obvious reasons. Thanks!

Edit: Please don’t think I’m having a dig at you or your blog if you ever post about Lush. I did explain above, I’m not! I’m not childish enough to think any less of someone over a damn company XD I just simply don’t read Lush posts, that’s all!

26 thoughts on “Question of the Week: Lush

  1. LUSH leanne, is totally cracked up to be better than it is thanks to certain ‘dickholes’. im sure we both know who.

    but it’s okay, i wouldn’t cuss it but i wouldnt go on about it, hence why i dont ha.

    i like a number of products they do, just like other companies. it’s been overhyped!
    i miss you. p.s your layout looks nice now x

  2. @Matt: Hahaaa! Of course we know :)
    I know what you mean, I don’t hate it, I just hate how hyped it is. I’m indifferent, hence I haven’t felt a need to post about the products! I miss you too, but see you at IMATS! I can’t believe I haven’t seen you since we left college :(

  3. Good question:) I like the products (not CRAZY about them) but being a poor student the main thing that puts me off is the price! I think it’s so overpriced for what it is. I enjoy getting given their products as a present but I have really gone off the shop recently. I just think you can get better quality and cheaper products elsewhere. x x

  4. I do like Lush, certain specific products anyway. But as a whole it is a tad over-rated, majority is just shampoo/soap anyway?! Have to agree about the Lush blogger obsession (which I’m a bit guilty of too) I jumped on the whole free-stuff bandwagon for spending over £20 so have ended up with a huge amount of stuff that I had planned to review, but now have seen most of it so many places already that I don’t think I’m going to bother – not for a long time anyway, when the LUSH madness has calmed down!

  5. I’m a long term fan of Lush but in the last year I think they’ve turned pretty crap. I adore Lemony Flutter, Ultrabland, Big Blues, FRresh Farmacy and I like a couple of the lotions (Vanillary/Sympathy for the Skin & Artemis Forum Special lotion) and Skin Nanny moisturiser… but I don’t really use the bath stuff much anymore, too expensive an nowhere near as strong smelling as they used to be. I found a much nicer company to use for all bath smellies :)

  6. I “discovered” LUSH well prior to all this fuss&hype&obsession. I’m not a fan, it’s kind of love-hate relationship between me and LUSH. I love their hair care but hate everything else.:) It just doesn’t work for me, and it’s totally overpriced (here it’s even more expensive!). I have “Lush series” on my blog, with the 5th (last) part being my favourite – Lush pet peeves. :)

  7. @BeautyBeau: I totally agree!

    @Beautyjunkielondon: I was so tempted by the post-Christmas offer but I’ve got IMATS to save my meagre pennies for and I’ve tried all the products a million times over and I knew I didn’t need any of it.. so I passed it up! Haha in all fairness that is such a great deal they do but I think my current anti-Lush stubbornness stopped me!

    @LadyGray: Exactly! Their bath stuff used to be lovely for a treat but it’s gotten so expensive and I agree that the quality has slipped a bit too. Us long time Lush fans have all got our favourite few products, for example I still swear by Baby Face cleanser but there’s no way I’m buying into the current hype.

    @HeavenNRJ: Completely agreed! Gonna go check out that post now :D

  8. I like Lush, but I don’t like how certain people used to hate it and now love it just because it’s become popular all of a sudden. I like their body bar things (the ones that exfoliate) but they use up really easily, and I love the bath bombs but I rarely have a bath! Their face masks are good too. I recently tried their solid shampoos and the American Cream conditioner and while it worked for a while, the effects were lost pretty quickly :( Definitely wouldn’t get any more hair products there.

  9. haha loved reading this post! made me chuckle a little. Mainly because I can see exactly where you’re coming from, there are normally a fair amount of lush posts in my reader too.

    I have however, blogged about a few lush shampoos and conditioners recently purely because after buying them I had a few requests and found that nobody I follow has posted about them.

    Don’t get me wrong i’m not all in favour of lush, some of their products are pretty shoddy and over-priced for what they are but there are a couple of other products I swear by

    Looking forward to future questions of the week! great idea :)

    abby xx

  10. I’ve never tried Lush at all. Mostly cause I’m in the US and poor. But I can’t fucking (can I say that? haha) stand all the Lush posts lately! I almost skipped over this thinking it was another “review”. Don’t get me wrong, review whatever you want, but I just don’t understand why people are reviewing SOAP. SOAP?!?!?! That’s not makeup. That’s not what I’m interested in! Geez, are we gonna start reviewing deodorant next? BAH!

    Rant done. So anyways I haven’t tried Lush at all, therefore I have no opinion XD

  11. I have some products that I absolutely love, but I have had some stuff that I’ve hated too. I think some things are really over hyped and not all that great, but there are some gems too (in my opinion!)
    I can completely see where you’re coming from though. I was swithering over whether to do the lush post that I did the other week, but i just thought fuck it and did it :P.

    The thing that annoys me is that people go on about how the products are ‘all natural’ and really good for you, but some of the products do contain parabens just like many regular cosmetics do (which if you believe the hype can cause cancers). Many of these cancer claims have been discredited, but it’s still a chemical! Obviously Lush aren’t going about saying they don’t use chemicals, but it’s more people who maybe get mixed up or whatever.
    It’s great that the majority of their stuff is vegan, and I’m not sayng I don’t like Lush because I do (i love some products!), but I don’t think it’s the be all and end all.

    Blaaa I’ve rambled on here! I probably don’t even make sense, but yeah. I like this question of the week idea :D. xo

  12. It’s okay, but it’s not FAAAAAABULOUS!!! like some of my friends are convinced it is. It’s their HG product, they love it, I don’t really care for it, bought and used some soaps, but won’t be buying from them again.

    There’s a Lush store fairly near me – well, relatively near. It’s downtown. I’ve been once, and that was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

  13. I totally agree with you, i skip through all of the lush posts
    My auntie used to buy me the bath bombs a few years ago so i’ve always known about lush and don’t understand the hype :/
    It will soon pass

  14. Ick seeing all these comments makes me feel bad about posting them. :/

    I’ve never found a brand before that I liked using. Like normal shop brands. But I really like it, they have good ethics for the most part and I like the majority of stuff they have.

    But yeah I get what people mean about so many posts recently. But isn’t it the same when people go to blogger events? Now I know I wouldn’t be invited to one of this so I’m not saying this remark out of jealousy but don’t people get bored of seeing 34857435375 go on about their free goody bags and then 678545678545678 reviews on the same product? I’m talking to you Pulse Perfection. ¬_¬

  15. I LOVE the idea of the weekly question :)

    I don’t like Lush. I have psoriasis and their atuff is so perfumed and aggressive that I just shudder every time I walk past a shop, let alone put any of it near me. The smell brings back memories of me being extremely uncomfortable and thinking that my skin was on fire.

    So, no offence to anyone but I don’t read your Lush reviews as the stuff really, REALLY doesn’t work for me.

  16. Im a bit tierd of all the lush posts atm too haha but mainly cos im jealous. I think the bath stuff is cool but rather over priced but i do love and rely on some of their skincare products because its really helped improve my skin. They have also taught me a lot about the benefits of natural ingrediants and how they can help different skin issues, so overall i do like Lush and what they stand for. I went for an interview there once but they didnt want me :(

  17. I must admit I’m not a huge fan. Yeah I bought the Snow Fairy shower gel but that’s it. I’ve wanted to get my hands on it for a little while, but nothing major. I think it’s completely hyped up for what it is. Some of the products are more expensive than I would pay for and I personally don’t shop there.

    To be honest I think I’d much rather buy some of the homemade products from Make-Up & Beauty (dazzledust25).

    I knew about Lush years ago but can’t understand the sudden hype about it.

  18. I love Lush – they were the only cosmetic items I got for Christmas, but I’m very relieved to see I’m not the only person tired of all the Lush posts!

    It’s just soap …

  19. i can agree and disagree here.
    i rarely buy a product spur of the moment. i like to do my research, see what others have to say, and then ill decide if i want to buy it or not. the first place i come to when i want to know another’s opinion is blogger, so i do appreciate people taking their time to write reviews cause it is helpful. but when i see 20 + posts of big hair shampoo it can get annoying. i think if there is an over load of a certain product people should just skip it (unless requested).

    i can also understand the annoyance of soap reviews because.. it is just soap. however, i did just post a lush haul and have gotten some requests to review of a few soaps, which should not just be ignored.

  20. Ok I have to say I love lush!! but that is only because it is a recent discovery for me, I bought a pile of stuff recently that arrived today, but Im not going to do a post on it, simply because I am also sick to the back teeth of seeing tons of post on the same thing… I may do reviews on the things I have dont get me wrong, people still need to know if a product is good or not or if it is worth the money in my opinion.

    I hate seeing lush hauls now… I skip past those! but the reviews I would still read :)

    I tagged you as well :) check it out!

  21. I think the reason it’s been popping up everywhere recently is because of the sale, and personally, even though i know what all the products are, and what they do, i still like seeing what people have chosen to buy for themselves :) I guess im just nosey. I’ve been a big fan of lush for almost a year now, however, i wasn’t introduced to it by the internet, it was actually my mum. Shes been buying from them since they were “Cosmetics to go” (or whatever they were to start with – lol) Mac is always something popping up in my blog feed also..and i’m guessing it probabaly always will be & i’ve recently not been as excited about mac because of it, so maybe some people are feeling this way about lush? Who knows? :) Although i do think after this boxing day sale, we wont be seeing as much of lush as we have been recently! Great post Leanne! x

  22. i never even heard of it prior to reading this post. i checked out the website and the only thing i was remotely interested in was the bath jelly, and thats because im obsessed with novelties lol. bath and body works in the US sell similar bath type fizzies for a little cheaper but who the hell takes baths these days -_-

  23. I read the first few posts and now don’t click on them. I’m bored of reading about the brand now. This always happens though, I’m bored of Soap & Glory and Warm and Cozy posts too.

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