Question of the Week: False Nails

I was really pleased with the good reponse I got for this series last week :) thanks, let’s keep it up with this week and don’t forget to leave your suggestions for future questions of the week! Also, I know this post is pretty long ’cause I picked so many responses – I don’t think I’ll normally feature so many responses but there were so many excellent ones last week ’cause Lush is still a bit of a hot topic!

Last Week’s Answers

HeavenNRJ said… “I “discovered” LUSH well prior to all this fuss&hype&obsession. I’m not a fan, it’s kind of love-hate relationship between me and LUSH. I love their hair care but hate everything else.”
(You should also check out this funny post by HeavenNRJ about Lush!)

Mhairi said… “I recently tried their solid shampoos and the American Cream conditioner and while it worked for a while, the effects were lost pretty quickly :( Definitely wouldn’t get any more hair products there.”
(Just goes to show how different things work for different people – HeavenNRJ loves their hair products!)

Lisa Kate said… “I almost skipped over this thinking it was another “review”. Don’t get me wrong, review whatever you want, but I just don’t understand why people are reviewing SOAP. SOAP?!?!?! That’s not makeup.”
(Hahaha this comment cracked me up! :D)

Emma said… “The thing that annoys me is that people go on about how the products are ‘all natural’ and really good for you, but some of the products do contain parabens just like many regular cosmetics do (which if you believe the hype can cause cancers). Many of these cancer claims have been discredited, but it’s still a chemical!”
(Totally agreed!)

Bicky said… “I really like it, they have good ethics for the most part and I like the majority of stuff they have. I get what people mean about so many posts recently. But isn’t it the same when people go to blogger events? I’m not saying this out of jealousy but don’t people get bored of seeing 34857435375 go on about their free goody bags and then 678545678545678 reviews on the same product? I’m talking to you Pulse Perfection. ¬_¬”
(I never thought of it that way, but I guess it’s because bloggers’ events are organised essentially to gain free advertising through the blogs so those who are invited feel the company at least deserves a couple of reviews in return for holding the event. That’s how I feel anyway!)

Nicole said… “i rarely buy a product spur of the moment. i like to do my research, see what others have to say, and then ill decide if i want to buy it or not. the first place i come to when i want to know another’s opinion is blogger, so i do appreciate people taking their time to write reviews cause it is helpful. but when i see 20 + posts of big hair shampoo it can get annoying.”
(I agree 100% – reviews are fine the first few times round but when there’s a million on the same thing, it’s just ridiculous. Much like what Bicky said!)

Zoe left a long comment but this was the stand-out bit… “I think the reason it’s been popping up everywhere recently is because of the sale.”
(NAIL. HEAD. BAM! I think it’s safe to assume that the influx will pass when the post-Christmas sale dies down. It was an amazing deal so I can totally see why so many people bought into it and obviously it’s going to cause a lot of posting, much like Soap & Glory when their Big Thrill hatbox was £20 down from £50 – no one’s mentioned that in ages! Haha. So yeah, it’ll pass I reckon hope!)

Let’s move on to this week’s burning question…

What do you think of false nails and nail extensions? Stick-ons, acrylics, UV gels and anything else you can think of. Gorgeous or tacky?

For a start, I’m not a fan of press on nails because they always looked horrid on me – and I always had a gross glue residue left on my nails after removing them. Mind you, I haven’t tried them in about 5 years so with my new knowledge perhaps I could make them look better. Stick ons do offer a quick fix for those with stubby nails and of course there’s now so many designs to choose from so if you’re not into doing your own nail art like I am, there’s nothing stopping you.

Tasteful, plain, not too long acrylics can look lovely in my opinion. I’d love to have a set done. Think along these lines. But unfortunately there are also some gross, tacky versions of acrylic nails in existence too! For example, why would anyone want anything like this? I also hate the 3D acrylic designs, they just look like diseases :( and let’s not even go there with stiletto and bubble nails.. GROSS! But of course, what I think is horrid others think is beautiful.

I also think plain, reasonable length gel nails look lovely. I also quite like a lot of the pictures I’ve seen where the nail technician has incorporated colour or glitter to make a design suspended within the layers of gel, like this. I don’t think I’d ever get a gel design, though, I like painting my own nails too much! I got a UV gel kit for Christmas, I’m a little scared to use it but I do intend to try it out at some point so of course I’ll show you how that goes!

Over to you! What are your opinions on false nails? Have you ever had them? Tell us all about your experience!

And don’t forget, if you have any ideas for future Question of the Week topics don’t hesitate to leave them here!

23 thoughts on “Question of the Week: False Nails

  1. The only kind of false nails I’ve ever tried have been the stick on ones, and to be honest, they annoyed me! I love the look of them, but they never fit my nails. Also, my nails grow pretty quickly anyway, so I’d rather just paint my own nails nicely. However, if I could find ones that fitted all of my nails then I’d probably find myself buying them because I cannot master a french maicure – and I love the look of those! xo

  2. I’ve had gel nails in the past and loved them.

    I really don’t like the square acrylics that people like Jordan wear. They just look so fake and not very feminine. In my opinion, anyway.

  3. I must admit, I have never used false nails. I would never have acrylics either as I hate the damage they do to your natural nails. Like you I find most of those exaggerated designs horrible. That pic of the super long curly nails actually makes me heave, its vile!

  4. Bubble nails? BUBBLE NAILS? WTF? *throws up a bit in my mouth*.

    I love glue on ones, they are the only thing that helps when I’m in a biting cycle and I had wonderful fibreglass nails for my wedding… but I’ve seen some bad chunky yucky ones :(

  5. I have no problem with artificial nails as long as they are done correctly.
    I’ve done a thin gel overlay on my nails for a while and it was great! No breaks, polish application was much easier, polish stayed on much longer (I’m talking two weeks with only minor tipwear here!), no need for a basecoat and still no discolouration.
    I literally can’t find a downside.

    The reason I stopped is because I developed an allergy to acrylics and gels and I haven’t been able to find something that does work for me. If I ever do I’m back to overlays in no time!

    Because I did my own and was taught how to by a very good nail stylist there was no damage to my natural nails when I took them off. Of course the surface is a tiny bit rougher and they are slightly thinner because you have to buff them a bit for the gels to adhere properly but not so much that I can’t have long nails and it will grow out over time.

    That is one thing that bugs me about a lot of nail techs. Please people, don’t let anyone ever come near your nails (natural or otherwise) with an e-file! If they need one, they suck and you need to find a better stylist.

  6. I think for someone who is a nail bitter, false nails are good option. Acrylics, being the stronger system, would be a good choice for them.
    For someone who has weak/fragile nails, the fiberglass system foes wonders, as it creates a strong overlay on the nail.
    Thing is with most nail techs these days, they don’t have the proper training to do so, and mos customers end up unsatisfied.
    I’m studying a nail tech course myself at the moment and I hope that when I’ll hopefully get a job, I will do it well.

    Bottom line, I think false nails can look pretty just as long as people don’t go overboard with them

  7. I tried glue-ons and UV gel some years ago, and both made a lot of damage to my natural nails. So it’s definitely NO for me to all kind of false nails.

    A thing I don’t like with UV gel nails is that here, almost every woman wears them, and the good-looking ones are rare! In general, the look bubbly, thick, … Well, false nails are good when they look natural, when the only thing you see is that they are false, it’s not pretty.

    I like acrylic 3d designs like the first you showed, small flowers are cute. When it goes to ultra long, stiletto and others, I don’t like it at all.

  8. I’ve never felt the need to wear false nails: I already have nails! ;) Seriously, I’ve never tried and it doesn’t attract me. I’d feel bad pretending to have what I don’t have and it’s too fun to paint my own nails.

    I will never judge someone who wear some (not even the bad tasted stuff like disease flowers and bubbles). If a girl feels more beautiful with this, then go for it. But in general, I think it must be occasional because in the long term, worn everyday during years, it seems to be damaging for the nail bed and the chemicals, allergy prone.

  9. One of the first ever posts on my blog was about my experiences of false nails. I wore the full length glue-on ones for many years and they turned my nails green. Like, NARS Zulu green. Disgusting. Plus they used to fall off all the time – I once found a false nail stuck to a frozen chicken kiev from where I’d obv reached in the bag, lost a nail and pulled my hand out again previously. ICK.

    I “graduated” to acrylics a yearor two later where I also found life was too short to sit in that stinking hot room once every three weeks to get my infills done. I used to beg them not to change my tips as I knew when they soaked them off and filed my paper-thin nails it would go straight through me and make me feel ill. Not to mention the AGONY when one breaks.

    I decided that I couldn’t cope with it any more and one day soaked the lot off. It took a year to grow out the damage. Recently I added acrylic tips to two broken nails and now, 7 months on, those two nails are still weak and break about once a week. Which infuriates me, as have a nail blog, so having decent nails is critical!

    So, in summary. Short term gain = ok. Long term? Just no sustainable and definitely not worth the damage or expense. Get yourself a bottle of Nail Envy and grow your own!

  10. I’m not personally a fan, but I’m not a hater either, if they fit your personal style then go for it. I know there are people who think my nails are ridiculous even though they’re natural, especially when I wear them longer in the summer.

    One problem I have with most of the glue-on type you’d buy at the store & do yourself is they are not the right width for my nails, and so short I’d have to cut off the tip of my finger! Acrylics can look good if done well, but finding a good tech seems to be a difficulty, never mind the hassle (to me) & expense of maintaining them.

    I think a little bit of acrylic nail art can be fun though, and recently I’ve seen some really fun designs done with Calgel (on Seoldiva’s blog).

    Bottom line – it’s your call. If you like ‘em, rock ‘em! Natural, gel, acrylic whatever =)

  11. I can’t buy the false nails in the shop because my nails are tiny. My index fingernail is literally about a centimetre wide. They would just get wrecked anyway.
    I hate false nails that look false. I like the ones that look neat and natural and it’s all very nice but I detest horrible claw-like nails. Uuuurggghhhh.

  12. I’ve never had false nails and don’t think i’ll ever want them. I prefer my nails to be short anyway as I find long nails get in the way or break. I’ve seen so many pictures of peoples nails when they’ve had their fake ones removed and they look awful! I know not all false nails do this but it puts me off having them anyway. I think if you keep your nails in good condition they there is no reason to get false ones as you should be able to get the same effect on your own ones. It’s also a lot cheaper! xx

  13. I have heard and seen so many horror stories that I wouldn’t dream of doing anything but keeping my own nails. I don’t muck about with them. Moisturise your hands, paint your nails. I like changing every two days so I don’t want to be stuck with anything. Keep it simple and spend the money on crazy colours! It works for me.
    I hate claws and talons so I have no need of false nails. Maybe I’m lucky or maybe it’s just that natural (polished) nails are best!

  14. I looove my acrylic nails, they look so much nicer then my natural nails which are so naturally brittle.
    I also use them as a way to stop myself sucking my thumb. i know it sounds silly anda 21 year old should be able to suck her thumb other ways but it stops me purely for the fact they look so pretty and i dont want to ruin them.
    I get the pink and white nails which means they are permenantly with white tips so i can paint over them and take off the varnish using acetone free polish.

    every 3-6 months i give my nails a break from them for a few weeks so they do get some natural air too.

  15. I have used press on fake nails a couple of times and am not really a fan. They never seem to fit right and I’m always worried they’ll fall off (which they normally do).

    Acrylic nails, on the otherhand, I really do like a lot – I’ve had them done once (for my wedding) and they looked and felt amazing. They lasted weeks and weeks until they grew out – none fell off, it was brilliant! My nails looked so smart and healthy, I loooved them :) I’ve not got round to having them done again but certainly will at some point.

  16. I really don’t like press on nails, imo they nearly always look badly done.

    I do however like acrylics but they can be really damaging to your nails. And I find where I am, they are certainly expensive to up keep.

    I think I’m going to stick with my Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle. :P

  17. I’d never had false nails until I went to college, I hadn’t even tried press on nails!

    Now, I don’t exactly get the choice. The girls at college need to practice and get their assessments done, however from experience over the past few months I would never ever opt for fibreglass or silks. The flick off and just don’t look right on me. I haven’t as yet had the opportunity for acrylics and gels, but I’m hoping to get acrylics done this Wednesday so I’ll let you know.

    All in all, even though I’m doing this course I’d still much prefer to be allowed to grow my nails(!) and paint them myself. I love having nice, long, natural, pretty nails and as soon as summer rolls around I’ll be going back to them!

  18. Battling with hardcore nail biting, I’ve found the glue on falsey nails have helped me a lot! Aslong as they are done right – rad!

    I’ve never strayed to acrylics or gel nails.. partially because I’ve never had enough money to get them done {especially regular infills!} and because I don’t live anywhere near a nail salon.

  19. I’m not a fan of false nails and have never had them. Long, acrylic, French tipped nails with the harsh square edge and bright white tips are popular where I live. It’s unbelievably tacky and unflattering. Aren’t French tip nails supposed look natural? Who are these people trying to fool with their nasty nails?! Getting false nails are expensive and having to maintain them with fills, or whatever they’re called, would be too much of a pain for me. Plus, I like painting my own nails too much to let someone else do them for me.

    I think false nails CAN look attractive when done right. Usually when they are shorter in length, even a crazy elaborate design can look nice. Seoul Diva ( gets gel nails all the time and they look great, even if some of her designs are too bold for my taste.


  20. i pretty much agree with what you posted. my mom and sister have gels not much longer than their natural length and they look really nice. the stiletto, bubble, and 3d nails just look plan ol’ tacky !! i have even seen some girls who have exaggerated wide, flared tip acrylic nails , it looks ridiculous and unnatural

  21. Years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and shortly after the invention of fire, I tried press-on nails. They were super-inexpensive (within a secondary-schooler’s budget, available at the drugstore), not very flexible, and the glue was messy. I tried three different sets, and was never dreadfully thrilled with the ease-of-use of my hands after applying the nails. One wrong move, and I was picking one of my false nails off of someone’s backpack, or coat sleeve, or…you get the picture.

    Acrylic or gel nails that look natural look quite nice, IMHO. False nails that skirt the border of “unconcealed cutting weapon” don’t look attractive. Then again, I think that folks who grow their nails naturally out to twice the length of the nail bed are a bit odd. (I have enough problems with my nails at their current length, about 1/8 of an inch long. I expect one or two of them to break any day…but I’m hoping that OPI’s Nail Envy will keep that from happening.)

    The 3D nail art reminds me of some of the hairstyles/wigs from the French aristocracy of the 1800s…or the hats from Beach Blanket Babylon. Ostentation for ostentation’s sake, and eye-catching, but not in a good way.

  22. unless your on a runway of a nail show, false nails are tacky for me. no offense to those who love em but im weirded out by those superlong nails with too much stuff in them. i dont think i can move my fingers as much as i want to with all those sticking in my nails.

    i guess false nails with simple designs are okay but not those super tacky ones.

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