Photo Tag

I was tagged by Bicky @ Tastes Like Glitterr to do this! I actually did the same one ages ago here, but I think it’s totally acceptable to do it again since it’s not like most tags!

All you’ve gotta do is go to your Pictures folder (and then your first subfolder if you’re nice and organised) and upload the tenth picture in there, and tell the story behind it if there is one. Then tag 5 people!

Hahaha, this really made me laugh, I forgot about this picture! It’s not too exciting but it made me smile. It’s pretty old, I forget when it was taken, but I’m sure you can probably tell what’s going on. Colin is trying to take a photograph of a probably makeup-less me, who is clearly having none of it. Hah!

I taaag..

Polish & Powder
Dottie K
Emma (Girl with the Arab Strap)

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