A few NOTDs

I tried twice this week to do cool manis with my dotting tools… but wasn’t largely successful.

I did these at some point over the weekend:

Base color was George Sherbet Fizz, tips stamped with Konad M19 (SO hard to uuuse) and Eyeko Punk Polish, and the dots were done with Color Club Dark Romance and a dotting tool. Seche Vite topcoat. I did kinda like these but they chipped really quickly :( and the flash washed the picture out loads for some odd reason, the contrast between the two pinks was more obvious in real life.

Then I really couldn’t be arsed for a couple of days, so was just wearing China Glaze FYI. Sadly I couldn’t even get a good picture of it ’cause the sky’s been so miserable all week, and flash makes it look more holo than it really is.

Next, I did these.. which I really didn’t like. Two coats of Barry M Bright Purple (303), 1 coat of NYX Dream made up the base colour. Then I used various sizes of dotting tools with Color Club Smoke & Mirrors. You can’t see that well, but I had bigger dots on the bottom left and top right corner of each nail, then graduated into smaller dots. Pretty sure I used OPI DS topcoat here.

This was massively inspired by Brooke, who did an awesome mani using matte black and a metallic lilac sort of colour. I used Color Club Dark Romance (a matte finish black) for the base colour, and stamped using Konad plate M63 (which is rapidly becoming one of my favourites) and Miss Sporty 205. I loved the way this looked but knew that without a topcoat it wouldn’t last, so I decided to go for China Glaze Matte Magic…

:( I much preferred this before the matte topcoat. Also I managed to smear the Konad design quite a bit whilst applying the topcoat.

All in all, this week has been a bit of an epic mani fail for me!

17 thoughts on “A few NOTDs

  1. omg, loving the first look! would love to see in ‘valentine’s colours or ladybug colour. design is awesome. simple but so effective. when i say simple, i mean not as intricate at the others, i dont mean ‘easy to do’ haha :)

  2. @Kim: HAH! Never ;P

    @Liloo: Thank you! That’s a good idea, I mean pink is pretty valentine-y (haha) but you have reminded me that I was planning to do a few Valentine’s Day nail looks. :)

    @Denysia: Thank you! Yes, you need Konad in your life :D

  3. Hi Leanne, i just started reading your blog not long ago. talking about dots, maybe this might have you some fun time doing it, hehe.. :p

    anyways, i love your blog!^^

  4. polka dots are my favorite, i really like seeing them put into action on manis! i love the last one! my matte topcoat smudges everything too most of the time. im considering next time to do a regular topcoat, let it dry and then the matte topcoat. cant hurt to try it, keep us posted if you do, too!

  5. Love the nails, wish I was talented enough to do designs on mine. Well, I make up for it with my giveaways! I am doing an inStyler amazing hair wonder giveaway and also an iPod giveaway currently. COme on by…to enter just click on the links on the right column under the header. Nice to meet you-The blonde that walked into the blog.

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