Week of manis!

^_^ As promised, here’s some nail candy from the week!

After I tried water marbling with the purples in my second most recent post, I practiced some more but using a different method. I wanted to just marble one colour over the top of the base colour but couldn’t figure out of that was even possible. If it is, and I’m being dense, please tell me! Anyway, I tried marbling with one colour and a clear topcoat for the next few tries and I think it turned out pretty well!

Okay so actually with this one all of the fingers turned out pretty crappy (waaay too much silver) but the thumb turned out great I think. This was Glitter Gal Black Holo for the base colour, marbling with China Glaze OMG and OPI Designer Series topcoat.

Sooo, not one to be totally deterred, I tried again with NYC Cognac Sparkle as the base colour and China Glaze FYI and OPI DS topcoat for marbling. Sliiightly better attempt but the middle finger was fail!

I gave the marbling a rest the next day and went for Barry M Grey, stamping in white with Konad plate M9 and China Glaze Wireless holographic topcoat – I REALLY like this actually! The topcoat I mean, but I was quite fond of the mani overall too.

Next day, I tried marbling again. I LOVED this! I was so proud of it, haha. I decided to mattify it any I loved it even more! Base colour is OPI Russian Navy (which has rapidly made its way into my list of top 10 polishe of all time), marbling is OPI DS topcoat again with China Glaze Passion.

BUT THEN! Disaster struck :( I broke my middle fingernail REALLY low down on Thursday and had to cut everything else down to even it up. I have stumps! They are so ugly >__

Here’s NYC Cognac Sparkle again, Konad stamping with China Glaze Passion on image plate M57. This is a recreation of a mani I did a long time ago ‘cept in the old one I used Rimmel Posh Trash for the stamping (it was before I got Passion), and I mattified it this time. I think I preferred the old one, if only because my nails were long and not ugly and stumpy then D:

Aaand finally, here’s what I’m sporting now. GOSH Wild Lilac, Konad stamping in white with image plate M4, hot pink rhinestones from an AWESOME kit I got from Poundland (big nail art haul post coming soon), and China Glaze Wireless holographic top coat. I quite like this actually.

I’m just hoping my nails grow quickly! …Although now I’m looking at the pictures, that middle nail has actually appeared to grow a noticeable amount overnight from the leopard Konad mani to to lilac one today!

How are you, girrrrls?

PS Sorry that most of these pics were taken before cleanup.. gotta get out of that habit! haha

17 thoughts on “Week of manis!

  1. Thanks for your comments girls :) seems like the general consensus is that the blue and gold marbling is the best one – I happen to agree! :)

    @Milly: Haha thanks ^_^ but my name’s not Laura, it’s Leanne :P


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