Snow! :D

We hardly ever get snow here in the South East of England, and when we do it’s just a light smattering that never settles. But over the last few days we’ve had a snowfall of about 6 inches! I’m not a huge fan of snow normally because it’s a pain in the bloody arse and delays everything (post, public transport etc), but it sure is pretty. Here’s some crappy photos I took in my garden yesterday morning.

And today, I played in the snow in a big field with my little sister and our cousin Kirsty. So here’s a SUPER flattering picture of Kirsty and I jumping off of huge snowballs (snowboulders?)!

In other news, I liked my pink and blue polkadot mani so much that when it started chipping off, I replaced it with the same design in lilac and mint green.

Aaaand here’s a festive EOTD. Yay!

UDPP, GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Rising Sun, TSS Twinkle Dazzle Delight (applied wet), red from Sleek Sunset palette, TSS False Pretense, TSS First Class Con, GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Black Ink, Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara, Anastasia brow gel.

I’m feeling super Christmassy now, and I can’t wait until I can see Colin. You all feeling nice and festive yet? :D

14 thoughts on “Snow! :D

  1. I love the pic with you on the snowballs!!I would frame it! :D
    I adored snow, till the moment my flight to London was cancelled yesterday because of that… I’m still pissed off, and hope to fly tomorrow (after spending an extra 200 quid for a new ticket)!

  2. @thedicegirl: Thanks ^_^ I know right, we hardly ever get any round here!

    @Konadomania: Ooh yeah it’s annoying when it buggers up plans :( thank you!

    @Sirvinya: Yay for time off work! Haha the tables are turning, you normally get more snow than us up there!

    @Emma: Haha sexy, right? XD You live in Scotland don’t you? I’m sure you normally have a lot of snow, hope you get some to play in soon ;D

    @gildedangel: Thank you ^_^;

    @Marietta: Hehe thanks, maybe I will! But oh my god that sucks about your flight :( you had to buy a new ticket? Couldn’t they refund you for the one that was cancelled? :(

    @Shifa: Oh I’m in east London quite a lot, in Bow where my boyfriend lives :) didn’t know you lived there! Whereabouts?


  3. I havn’t got any snow where I live :(
    I think it’s because i live near the coast.. the most snow we had was for about 5 minutes and then it stopped ! :’(

    I love that reddy pink e/s gorgeouss !!

  4. Looks very festive! But after last year’s snow in the Puget Sound region, I’m just as glad we don’t seem to be getting any of that this year. (About half a centimeter is about as heavy as it ever gets up here…except for those once-in-a-human-generation storms like last winter’s.)

  5. I love those photo’s so christmasy and you’re both so pretty :)
    I also love the nail colours and you’re (I’m guessing from the picture) boyfriend reminds me of Edward from twilight, cute ^_^.

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