Konad Q&A – Need your input!

I’m so glad all of you agree with my NYX in Europe rant. I did briefly worry that I was just being a bit of a tight ass XD thanks for all your comments on that!

The nail wheels I ordered from eBay FINALLY arrived today – right as I was leaving for work which was pretty annoying to say the least. But I’ve spent my entire evening swatching all of my nail polishes for you! :D I was shocked to discover I only have 62 – It looks like more than that when you look at all the bottles :( but I have more on the way soon from Brooke and Jacie :D I am to get to at least 100 by mid 2010 ;P So yeah, those pictures should be up in the morning – I’ve already taken flash pictures but I’d like to wait to post until tomorrow so I can try and get natural light pictures too. :)

ANYWAY! The real purpose of this post – Looks like my Konad Q&A/FAQ/whateveryouwannacallit post is definitely going ahead – I’m so glad I had a positive response from you all on that idea, thank you! But now I need your help – I need you to tell me if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover! The things I already plan to cover are as follows:

Where to buy, what to buy, special polishes, metal vs plastic scrapers, tall vs short stampers, setting up your workspace, the process, topcoats, troubleshooting. Troubleshooting will include solutions to problems I’ve heard/seen people have but please let me know of any you’ve come across/can imagine happening! I need as much input as I can to get the most out of the post. :)

Thanks so much in advance girls ^_^;

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7 thoughts on “Konad Q&A – Need your input!

  1. Looking forward to it – it would be good if you could recommend some alternatives to the special polishes if you think there are any worth trying?

  2. Looking forward to Konad post- i put one of the starter kits on my Christmas list so i would love to know the process of how to stamp and any general first time user problems to avoid/solve so i can get stamp happy asap haha!

    Would also like to know if you HAVE to use the special polishes for stamping and if you can use any top coat over the top to set it. Thaaanks :)

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