Revamp & thank you!

FIRSTLY… Oh my WORD! I just noticed I’ve passed 250 followers. Thank you so much! Hello to new followers ^_^; I promise there’ll be some sort of contest/giveaway soon once I’ve got buying christmas presents out the way. It won’t be too huge though, my pay is shite :(

Ooh, doesn’t my blog look different! :D Haha. I gave it a pretty and wintry revamp – and I did it aaaaall myself! *Proud* Made my own background and everything – downloaded a bunch of stuff from digital scrapbooking sites to make it. AND I finally got around to changing the font for my post titles – VERY long winded process and I don’t really know if it was worth it but if you want to waste an hour of your life you can try href=””>this tutorial. :)

So yeah, I’ve done my makeup twice today (again). Once this morning for work, and once just a little while ago for fun and practise. Let’s look in chronlogical order.. haha.

So earlier on you can see I went for a smokey green kinda thing with a pop of glittery bronze on the lower lashline. My upper lid is a blended orgy of the lighter colour from Too Faced Fantasy Island duo, Urban Decay Mildew, the dark green colour from Sleek’s ‘Jewels’ palette (the same colour or at least very similar is also in the Curious palette), and a touch of Urban Decay Oil Slick to darken it up a bit on the outer corner. For the lower lashline, I ran Urban Decay Baked along it as a base colour and topped this off with Collection 2000 Glam Crystals in Retro Chic for a glitter extravaganza! NYX Milk jumbo pencil brightened up the waterline, then I used my normal liquid liner and mascaras.

This evening, I got a little more adventurous! It’s been quite a while since I last attempted cutting the crease. My last attempt was so atrocious that I’d pushed mastering cut-crease looks to the back of my mind for a long time. For no particular reason I decided to give it another go tonight! I don’t think it turned out THAT badly.. could have been a lot worse at least!

The first thing I did was lightly sketch a line just above my crease to serve as a guideline for my cut-crease. I used Maybelline Kohl Express in blue to do this. Then using a brush with a flat edge I applied Urban Decay Flipside to this line and pulled it up as I went, if that makes sense. I did this a couple of times until I was satisfied with the colour payoff then went back in with a fluffy brush and Urban Decay Shattered (which is a lighter blue and less of a teal) to blend it out – upwards! The sharp line below the liner was left untouched. I applied my brow highlight at this point, I chose Urban Decay Sin since it was the best highlight colour in front of me (yeah in case you can’t tell, I had my UD palettes out)! Next, I filled in my lid. I used a touch of Urban Decay Grifter in the inner corners but it was mostly Urban Decay Last Call. I fancied a bit of green on the lower lashline so that’s a combination of Urban Decay Maui Wowie and Mildew, on the inner and outer parts respectively. After lining my upper lid as normal, I went to line my waterline with black but decided against it – instead I used the blue Maybelline pencil but it didn’t show up too well so I gently patted on some Flipside. It felt kinda funny for a couple of minutes, having shadow in my waterline, but it was easy to get used to and the colour looks so intense that I think I might start doing it more often!

Hope you liked these :) I know I’ve really been slacking on the nail polish front lately but yeah, you know the work rule… I’m waiting on my nail wheels to arrive in the post and then there’ll be a whole truckload of nail posts!

I’ve got THREE tags lined up to do next… phew!

How are you all?

13 thoughts on “Revamp & thank you!

  1. BYEEEEOUTIFUL layout babygirl!! So loverly and love the colours! :D just had a look at that tutorial site for the font titles.. BLIMEY O REILLY i will not go into that, it scares me! feck! *html befuddlement*
    lav yoooooooo!
    ps – you has a special parcel coming to you soon ;) xxx

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