RANT! NYX in Europe

Okay so I was excited as hell when I heard NYX was to become readily available in the UK – we all were, right? I expected it would have stands in Superdrug and Boots or something, but it appears that it’s only going to be available online here, at NYX Cosmetics Europe. What the what? D

Bear in mind Nyxcosmeticseurope.com doesn’t have any indication of how much shipping will cost (it’s not up and running yet, so no poor fools have been conned out of wads of cash just yet – I’m certainly gonna be boycotting). I’m gonna guess shipping will cost about £3-5? But since I don’t know for sure, I won’t be including shipping prices in this comparison. I do know that on shopcraze.com, the site I will be comparing to, the shipping to UK for purchases under $25 costs $6.95 which is about £4.20.

Now… how much would it cost us to buy these items from the Europe website?

..Ouch. That’s a bit of a kick in the purse. What REALLY grates on my nerves is they say these prices are the ‘RRP’.. clearly not =/ The USA and Canada pay nowhere NEAR as much as that. For those of you on the other side of the pond, to give you an idea – £40.65 in dollars is $66.83 at the current exchange rate. Would you pay $66 for this handful of NYX items? Of course you bloody wouldn’t! Grrr.

On the other hand, let’s see how much this would cost to buy from shopcraze.com – I’ve used this site for NYX before and had excellent service, and shipping took about 10 days.

I think that pretty much sums it up, right? $24.95 is about £15.20. MUCH better!

I’m just really annoyed that they’re trying to rip us off. Do they think we’re stupid enough to pay those prices? D
What do you think to all this?

18 thoughts on “RANT! NYX in Europe

  1. Harrods? lol.
    Yeah I agree with you about this. How amazing would it be if it was in Superdrug? OMGGGGGGG!
    I used Cherryculture.com and ebay for mine recently and the lipsticks are $1.75 at the moment.
    Oooo i ordered Strawberry Milk. I’m so excited. Hope it comes soon

  2. I hadn’t realised that it was going to be THAT expensie. That is crazy. What a huge mark-up. If you look at a company like ELF, yes we do pay a little bit more in this country, but it is still not very much. That is stupid. Going to look at Shapcraze now. Thanks for the information. :) Emma

  3. The price difference is shocking! I was thinking of buying a few things when it became available over here but after reading this post I think I’ll be giving it a miss. It really annoys me when they increase the price for this country x

  4. Whhhaattt!?! That is crazy! I love your rant :p thanks for the heads up! dont they know were in a recession too?! grr…
    Im on a spending ban… but now I wanna go to shopcraze… damn you! :p


  5. Im gutted now after reading that :( its a fuckin joke. I was so excited aswell, waiting for the launch of NYX in the UK. Cheap good quality make up perfect for my budget, and now this :(



  6. Thats ridic!!! I didnt know that NYX wasnt avaliable in the UK (not that i have ever bought anything from them…) but i was in a shop just last week and they had a NYX stand but it was a perfume warehouse so maybe they get it knock off somehow :/

  7. Hello again, thanks for your comment :) – wish there was an easier way to reply on blogger!

    The perfume warehouse that i went to was in Slough. I forgot to check out the prices when i was there so cant compare to the figures you put in your post, shall have to remember to do so next time im there!

  8. I totally agree. I was all excited about NYX coming to the UK..well my superdrug sells it but its different. Anyway I promptly closed down the page and have now placed a haul on ebay ;) If the seller is good I will definitely let you know. Even with NYX coming to the UK it is still cheaper to buy it online and ship it over!! Annoying. Its similar with ELF too though. Its so much cheaper in the States. I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks this though!
    I have used shop craze before to order some pigments and nyx lipglosses and I have to say the service was really good and it arrived in a week =) xx

  9. WOW.

    I’ll be honest here…I don’t understand your money system XD But it looks like a lot. Ulta totally rips off anyone who buys NYX too…Its $5 for a freaking eyeshadow and $6 for a lipstick!

  10. GREAT post!
    I’ll just continue to buy from the US if i get any…
    There’ll be loads that won’t even know it’s been brought over and think it’s all a bargain though :/

  11. Ridiculous! That’s akin to Sally Beauty Supply and Chatters trying to sell China Glaze polish for $6CAD when I can buy it for $2.50US online…and then shipping and exchange doesn’t add $3.50CAD more!

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