Nail play time

Okay so I totally lied about posting swatches from my mineral haul every day >______

Base colour is Vixen from Collection 2000′s Hot Looks collection – I hadn’t noticed this shade before, can’t believe I didn’t already have it, isn’t it beautiful? I was in Superdrug at the weekend picking out some polishes for my swap with Jacie from You’ve Got Nail and spotted this one, I swear my jaw dropped! I love it.
Anyway, I stamped using Konad plate M9 and the special polish in white. Then I added star shaped rhinestones (from a carousel I got on eBay) to the middle of the flowers on my thumb and ring finger, and dotted the middle of the flowers on the other fingers with a pink shimmer nail art pen from eBay.

After I resigned to removing that pretty mani, I decided it was as good a time as any to try something I’ve been meaning to do for a while – water marbling. Turned out TERRIBLY! Haha, here’s something for you to have a laugh at:

I really didn’t appreciate how difficult it was gonna be. You nail blgogers who can do this perfectly have just gained a whole bunch of awe and respect from me XD this is SO MESSY! I’m sure it’s a million times easier on long/fake nails. I ended up doing the pink/yellow combo twice ’cause I liked it. I wouldn’t wear a multi-coloured mani like this I don’t think, I was just playing with colour combinations. I managed to chip and smudge it SO MANY times!

Thumb & ring: Barielle Shades in Lemondrops, Barry M Shocking Pink
Index: Barry M Bright Purple and Coral
Middle: Barry M Cyan Blue and Mint Green
Pinky: Barry M Grey and Boots 17 Peacock

And now I REALLY have to go to work. *Sigh*

14 thoughts on “Nail play time

  1. Haha daww thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies – but I’m definitely going to keep at this whole water marbling thing until I can get it just right ^_^;

  2. I can’t believe you do all this beautiful stuff and then remove it!! I couldn’t bring myself to do it. How do you do the marbling? I used to do it with paper at school

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