Massive Mineral Haulage!

A few weeks ago, I spent an evening hunting round a whole bunch of mineral makeup websites (and Fyrinnae which I know isn’t technically mineral but its all loose eyeshadows so whatever) and hauled a whole bunch of samples. A week or two prior to that, I placed an order with The She Space (About Face) ’cause of the $2.50 blowout sale. THEN, Lisa Kate and I decided to do a sample swap – I sent her a load of Barry M and Illamasqua stuff and some others, and in return I got some Aromaleigh, more TSS, Everyday Minerals, Pure Luxe and Loreal Hip.

My order from Allure By Jen arrived first – almost two weeks ago now, but I decided to wait until everything had turned up before blogging. Next to arrive was Sassy Minerals about a week ago. Then yesterday, I got everything else all at once! Now I kinda regret leaving it until I got them all before blogging ’cause I had to do SO MUCH swatching yesterday! My hands are totally sore :( haha.

There’s no way I’m posting swatches all in one post. For now I’ll just show you what I got, and over the coming week or so I’ll post up some swatches :)

Allure By Jen have some amazing deals if you wanna try out samples. I got samples of her four glitter liners (top row) for $0.50, then five eyeshadows of my choice for $0.50, and a set including three foundation samples (to determine your shade), a blush and a concealer of my choice for another $0.50! I don’t think I’ve ever spent so little on an online shop XD and I also got two more free samples.

I’ve been very impressed with Sassy so far (been playing about for a few days) – their samples are very generous and they come in jars! Plus they’re only $0.75 each. A big selling point for Sassy is their dupes – they have ‘Deja Vu’ sections on their website where I picked up a blush called Tart which is meant to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm, and a lot of their eyeshadows are described as ‘will remind you of (shadow) from BE’ which I assume is Bare Escentuals? I don’t know ^_^ either way, impressed! They also threw in two free samples :)

To be completely honest with you I wasn’t expecting all that much from The She Space. I don’t know why, I just wasn’t! But I’m glad I was wrong – I’m very impressed so far from the swatches! Oh and by the way, their $2.50 blowout sale has ended BUT there’s now a sitewide holiday sale, until mid January or something. So now everything’s $3.50! I may have to order again… *innocent*

I’ve been SO EXCITED about these. Big thumbs up for generous samples sizes in jars again! I really regret not picking up more of the Arcane Magic shadows – but that’s a good excuse to order again, right? I also got the Pixie Epoxy which is sort of like a glue for shadows.. it’s not a primer. I’ll explain it properly some other time, gotta leave for work in a minute ^_^; anyway, I was totally sold on that by the swatches using it on Fyrinnae’s website. It’s really amazing! Oh, and this is another company that gives a free sample with every order :) the free sample is significantly less full than the bought sample but that’s cool.

Last but certainly not least, my swap with the gorgeous Lisa Kate :D she was so generous and she picked out some GREAT colours for me!

Look out for swatches in the coming week! :D
Have you tried anything from these companies? What were your experiences with them? I’d love to hear ^_^;

9 thoughts on “Massive Mineral Haulage!

  1. @Nikki: It took me ALL FACKIN’ DAY! Haha the back of my hand was red raw by the end. And one of them stained my hand a bit.. you’ll see when I put up swatches! :D

    @iheartvintagex: I know right! Bargain hunter extraordinaire! hehe

    @Jools: Haha I’ve been calling it pixipoxy to myself :D you should SO GET IT GIRLY. It works out at like £3.23 or something ridiculous like that, I can’t wait to show you swatches with ittt!

    @Abbie: Yeah, big haul and it probably only cost me about £15-20 altogether! I couldn’t say which ones are the best yet as I haven’t road-tested them all properly but the Fyrinnae ones swatched amazingly :)


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