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Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

Colin truly is a spoiler

Since I’d just got paid, I dragged him back to Superdrug so I could buy more stuff I really don’t need, hah. I accidentally spent £25, oops. Then add that to the £15-20 I spent the night before hauling a bunch of samples from AllureByJen, Sassy Minerals and Fyrinnae and I think I’ve spent rather too much money again. Woops D: So anyway, might as well show you the damage:

supahdrawg Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

Along with the Graphite palette, I went for a couple of Collection 2000 liners – Glam Metallics in Fierce and Glam Crystals in Retro Chic. I got these in the hopes that they’ll look awesome layered – they do, check out the swatches a bit further down. I also thought I’d give Barry M’s new products a try – one of the matte eye crayons in purple and a metallic liquid liner in blue. I don’t buy a lot of blue products ’cause my eyes are blue so I feel there’s no point but Colin convinced me I should. Lastly, GOSH were on 3 for 2. I haven’t touched GOSH in a while, for no real reason other than I’m normally much more of a Boots person than Superdrug. Anyways, I was looking at the waterproof eyeshadow sticks (love these) and came across ‘GOSH eyeshadow base’ – wahey, a real one? So I picked this up to give it a try. I wore it the whole day today while at work and it only creased a tiiiny bit but considering I get a load of steam in my face all the time from coffee machines it’s expected. I thought I’d give Darling lipstick another go, too – it was the first nude lipstick I ever tried (borrowed it from a friend) and I hated it, I thought it looked silly on me and it felt really oily. I’ve now come to realise that’s ’cause most of the lipsticks I owned before then were very dry, haha. I’m liking it much more this time around. Aaand last but certainly not least, I got the nail polish ‘Bright Passion’. A couple of months ago I hated glitters and flakes of all sorts but I’ve been totally converted so wanted to give this a try. Swatch time? Yes please!

sleekgraphiteswatches Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

You’ve all seen these swatches a million times over already, but I know I’m the sort of person who likes to see LOADS of swatches of something before I buy it so I have lots of pictures to compare. So here’s another for your data bank ;P Sleek seem to have really improved their shadows for this palette – much less crumbly that usual, buttery soft and the texture is actually consistent throughout the palette; I always hated that some were crumbly and soft, some were hard and chalky. This is spot on but most of the shades are so similar it almost seems pointless. Ah well!

superdrugswatches Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

Other swatches – didn’t bother swatching the GOSH eyeshadow base as it’s pretty much colourless.

goshbrightpassionswatch Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

PHWOOAR how sexy is this? I guess you’d refer to this as rainbow string glitters, in a sheer black base. This means it obviously works so much better layered as you can see – middle finger is 3 coats of Bright Passion by itself, ring finger is one coat of Bright Passion over a plain black NYC polish. I LOVE this – just such a shitty fact that I can’t wear nail polish at work. *Crycrycry* Consdering I work six days a week this almost renders my nail polish collection fucking USELESS right now. But I’ve been painting my nails when I get home most evenings just for the satisfaction of it, then taking it off in the morning.. blah. Ah well.

eotd0111 Ickle Superdrug haul and EOTD

I thought I’d end this poorly constructed post with my EOTD featuring the Graphite palette and Barry M metallic blue liquid liner. I’m far too tired to type out the whole process like I normally do – I’ll just list products today. Sorry D:

GOSH eyeshadow base

Stargazer cake eyeliner in Silver (used as base)

Sleek Graphite palette

Maybelline Kohl express in blue

Barry M Metallic liquid liner in blue

Beauty Box glitter liner in blue

Maybelline Lash Stiletto

Maybelline Colossal Volum’

I just read this post back through and it’s so poorly worded and everything, I’m embarrassed to even post it haha. If I really regret it that much I’ll take it down – just please bear with me, I’ve been out of employment for a few months and I’m not used to working hard so I’m tired! Haha. Hope you’re all good


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