EOTD time again

I’ve got swatches all ready to go for my mineral hauls, but you know how I ramble so I’m gonna save them until next week since I have to leave for work in a few minutes. I’ll be away again this weekend so first lot of swatches should be up on Sunday night or Monday morning. As for now, here’s a couple of EOTDs (today and yesterday) using some of my new stuff. Yay!

This is yesterday’s one. I LOVE how brightening Fyrinnae’s Love Potion is – I haven’t touched the contrast or anything on this picture, that’s actually how bright it is!

TSS The Mirror Loves Me (inner corners)
Fyrinnae Love Potion (applied wet on lid)
TSS Flicker and Burn (crease)
Sassy Fashionista (lower lashline)
Sassy Sensible Shoes (brow highlight)
Maybelline Line Definer (upper lashline)
NYX Black Bean jumbo pencil (waterline)
Majolica Majorca mascara (HELLO HG! I’ve tried a million *cough* mascaras and nothing has ever held a curl in my lashes. This is the best thing since sliced bread)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (or pixipoxy as I like to call it, spread onto lid)
Aromaleigh Coney Island (inner corners)
Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill (lid)
Sassy Lyrical (crease and outer corner)
Barry M Purple matte crayon (base for lower lashline)
Pure Luxe Smug (inner part of lower lashline)
TSS Braving Briony (outer part of lower lashline)
TSS First Class Con (brow highlight)
TSS The Mirror Loves Me (to brighten up tear duct area)
Maybelline Line Definer (upper lashline)
An old Almay green kohl, all the writing’s rubbed off! (waterline)
Majolica Majorca mascara

So, how do you like them? Which bunch of swatches would you like to see first – Allure By Jen, Fyrinnae, Sassy Minerals, The She Space/About Face, or my swap with Lisa Kate? :)
Have a gorgeous weekend girls

7 thoughts on “EOTD time again

  1. Squeee! You look darling! Isn’t The Mirror Loves Me so great? Its so bright and pretty!

    I’m glad you get to try out oodles of new companies!

    I can’t wait for you swatches, I already want Love Potion >.<

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