A couple of awards

Yaay! :3

I was tagged by Stace @ A Vintage Smile and Nicole @ IDreamOfMac for the Kreativ Blogger Award ^_^ daww thanks ladies.

Rules are just to list 7 facts about yourself and tag 7 people. I’m seriously running out of things to tell you guys! XD

1. I’m seriously jealous and possessive. MINE! D

2. When I do an FOTD or an EOTD, I probably take on average about 50 pictures and only pick one to post.

3. I don’t really have friends. I mean I’ve got you guys on here, and some girls I met up with for the Maybelline event in September who I’m particularly fond of, and of course I’ve got Colin, but other than that I don’t really have any friends. I like it that way though.

4. The first time I ever tried a ‘higher end’ brand was in July, when I bought a MAC pigment sample from shopcraze.com. The shade was Vanilla, one I still use most days as a highlight. But look at me now! Got a whole bunch of Illamasqua and junk XD

5. Money burns a hole in my pocket. I know I speak for most of us beauty bloggers when I say that, but seriously – I can’t help but buy things ALL the time even if I know for a fact I’ve got an exact dupe for a product. It’s sad D: haha.

6. I looked back through some of the folders on my computer earlier and I’m actually really proud of how much I’ve improved with applying makeup over recent months.

7. It still feels weird not to have my kitty D:

I’m gonna tag some nail polish blogs for this one I think!

Jacie @ You’ve Got Nail
Brooke @ Getcha Nails Did
Kristy @ Kronicles of a Konader
Nathalie @ Jellynat
Jo @ The Polish Fairy
GildedAngel @ Naive Nails
Claire @ Adorning

AND! I’ve been tagged by Nikki @ Visual Aspect ’87 and Tanya @ Tanya Talks Makeup awarded me with this cute little ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – daww!

Thank the lawd this one doesn’t require random facts! But I’m actually going to do something hypocritical and nominate everyone I follow for this. I hate it when people do that XD but I’m seriously so tired and not up for scrolling through my entire blogroll picking out seven people again that I don’t tag all the time/haven’t already done it etc. Rest assured that if I follow your blog, I think it’s lovely and deserving of this award!

Night ladies xo

5 thoughts on “A couple of awards

  1. Awww I dont have many female friends either chick. Most of mine have kids now and families, but meh.. who cares, got my Gareth like you’ve got your Colin, and hes like my best friend anyway. and anyway we’ll have each other as mates… lmao!!!

    Oh and Im quite possessive and jealous too, but arn’t all women! haha.


  2. 2-4 i totally relate!

    my best friends are my sister and this one girl i met on my cheer team. its all i really need though. i like time to myself :)

    i also just bought my first mac product in july and now im unstoppable in that store lol

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