Two tags – schweeeet ;D

Hey laydeez ^_^; sorry for slacking a bit in the last few days. This make-up ban is affecting my blog more than I thought it would D: haha. I’ve got plenty of nail stuff going on but I promised I wouldn’t spam you all with nail things – although if you DO want to see some more Konadicures and other nail stuff please let me know so I can throw in some pics! I do intend to do a review on Eyeko mascara tomorrow – Colin bought it for me so it doesn’t count in my make-up ban! Okay? ;D

Anyways, I’ve got two different tags to do. Let’s go!

I’ve been dying for someone to tag me with this 7 things one ever since I first saw it doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago, thanks much to Kris Pimps for doing so! The rules of this one are to find 7 things you own in the colour designated by the previous person.. okay my explanations suck. But Kris chose blue, so I had to find 7 blue things which was actually REALLY hard! Blue isn’t really one of my favourite colours and it amazed me how few blue things I own, haha. I’ve got a fair few blue nail polishes and eyeshadows but I didn’t really want to include makeup products here. So after much searching, I collected together these things. And for bonus points, I took the photo on my sofa bed which is also blue ;P!

The photograph is one of my favourite darkroom creations I came up with when I did film photography in college. From what I remember it was shot on Ilford XP2 Super film, not that I expect you to be interested! If you want to see it properly though, here’s a link to a scanned version from my really old DeviantArt account. Again, if you’re interested, I got the effect with solarisation and blue toner. :)
The DVD is a bit more turquoise than blue, but whatever. Season 5 of Red Dwarf – only my most favourite TV show ever. I met Craig Charles in May this year and I’ve had a picture of him and I as my phone background ever since XD
Uhm, the highway code. I’m a learner driver. Not much else to say!
Original Lipsyl! I don’t need anything fancy to look after my lips, nothing does a better job than this overnight as far as I’m concerned.
The dragon is one of many in the same style that I own – my late grandfather had a huge collection of them – pewter ones, iron ones, coloured ones like that. He always promised he’d leave them to me in his will, I thought he was joking ’cause they have no real monetary value but he did. :) Along with that one I have a huge majestic green one and ton of smaller pewter ones with crystal eyes.
The wristband with most of the writing rubbed off is from January 2008 when I saw Linkin Park live at the O2 arena and I was lucky enough to win a VIP pass! So yeah I’ve always kept the wristband.
Last but certainly not least is Rosie, my ragdoll I’ve had since birth. ^_^; She’s lived on my bed every day of my life and she will continue to do so for the rest of it!

That was fun. Now to tag 7 people! Your colour is GREY! Hah ;D I guess silver can count if you get a bit stuck!


In fact, everyone should do it just because it’s such a cool tag :D

Go go go!

Thanks a lot to the lovely Nefertari who tagged me with this one. :D The only rules to this are to recommend a few blogs to your readers!

This is a great excuse for me to put links to a couple of blogs that I love out there who I think deserve a lot more recognition than they currently have.

First of all, Jo @ All Things Beautiful. She’s so sweet and her blog is lovely to read, all very concise and to the point and not rambly like mine! She loves to interact with her readers, too, and opens up plenty of questions to think about. Also, she tagged me with the ‘I think you are an awesome girl’ award a couple of days ago but I’ve already done it! Anyway, she’s lovely.

Next, Jacie @ You’ve Got Nail. If you’re into nails, you NEED to be following her! Plenty of gorgeous swatches and manis to drool over, and not only has her blog got a great name but she does this awesome feature called ‘Naily News’ :D where she directs to cool blog posts in the coolest news headline style, like this!: Do Not Refreeze reminds me how terrible I am with the Konad by producing a gorgeous twin-set Konad-icure.
Amazing blog!

Sorry if that was kind’ve a boring read D: haha. I just needed to update with something! Fingers crossed for Eyeko mascara review coming tomorrow, and bear in mind I have a couple more Konad pics if anyone wants to see.

7 thoughts on “Two tags – schweeeet ;D

  1. Awwwww your lil ragdoll… thats so sweet!!!! I love it when someones had a teddy or something since Birth, my bf Gareth has a Rupert the Bear and its so dirty haha but he wont wash it cos it adds to the uniqueness of it and its been sewn sooo many times by his mum, he tried to show it Harvey, but Harvey basically just looked at it as if to say “wtf Daddy” lmao.

    And thank you for my tag babe.. so sweet hehe. You’re just lovely you arnt you! and I love the way you ramble haha I find myself smiling so much reading your posts.

    Jo… xxxx

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