The She Space – $2.50 Sale

Okay, so I confess I’ve never ordered from mineral makeup e-tailers. I’ve always assumed most pigments would be crappy and sheer, and I generally prefer to see things in person. My opinion changed quite a bit back when I won a contest held by Jess, the owner of Beautylicious Cosmetics – her shadows were amazingly pigmented. But, of course, I got those for free, so I’ve never BOUGHT anything of the sort.

Until now! I’m sure most of you probably know, but just in case you don’t – The She Space (or TSS for short as it’s known in the blogging world) is having a massive blowout sale to celebrate the owner’s 40th birthday. EVERY pigment is $2.50 right now!

It’s pretty much unheard of for me to buy blind without at least seeing plenty of swatches and comparing them, but I did it. I couldn’t resist such a bloody bargain! Haha. I ordered ten pigments, here are the descriptions:

Flicker and Burn: “Vivid peach rose with a hint of coral”
Braving Briony: “Rich pearl grape metal”
First Class Con: “Nude bisque pearl” (unlike me, I know – got this with intention to use as a highlight colour!)
Twinkle Dazzle Delight: “Major glam!! Sunlight mixed with gold, pink and copper with a dash of gold sparkle”
Whirling Golden Devils: “Intense iridescent shimmer…could be copper, gold, bronze or pink depending on the light. Very dramatic!”
Because I Said So: “Crushed grapes with a bit of magenta sparkle”
False Pretense: “Forest Green Shimmer”
Minimal Damage: “Rich cocoa with layers of coral and gold”
Asylum: “Metallic Lime Green” (This is one of the ‘powdered diamond dusts’ which look uh-maaazing)
Tangy Taffy Twist: “Blazing copper shimmer with rasberry and copper glitz”

Corrr! Sound sexy much? Anyway, what I wanted to ask you all was – how do you feel about mineral makeup? Have you tried The She Space? I haven’t just wasted my money have I? I want to hear any and all opinions! :D And of course let me know if you have ordered something from this sale or are going to!

6 thoughts on “The She Space – $2.50 Sale

  1. I LOVE me some She Space! Seriously, they are what started my mineral makeup addiction. I have tons of swatches on my blog…I think at least a few of the ones you bought will be there. The thing that sort of sucks with pigments is that they don’t generally photograph that well.

    Flicker and Burn is one of my favorite colors! I also have Twinkle Dazzle Delight and Whirling Golden Devils and love them bunches! I hope you like them XD

  2. I ordered a load of minerals from TheSheSpac. I’ve never used them. They havea gorgeous selection of colors. Heather who owns the company is a sweetheart. She actually called me on the phone once to thank me for my ordering. I was so shocked because that’s never happened before. This is a fantastic sale going on till 10/31. Try them!

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