Review: Maybelline Pure.Cover Mineral Concealer

Quite a few of you will already be familiar with this product, it was one of the things in the goodie bag from the Maybelline bloggers’ event in September. Before I got this, I never really used to wear concealer – I thought concealer was just for covering up spots and the bags under your eyes. I had a vague idea of colour-corrective concealers but I still think that’s a bit beyond me or my needs, it all sounds a bit professional! I think I’d never been much of a concealer user ’cause I’d never found one that actually had decent texture and pigmentation. Cue Maybelline Pure.Cover, the saviour of the blotchy red skin around my nose area! :D

The skin around my nose and under my eyes has terribly uneven colour, it’s very blotchy and horrible. I’m quite freckly, especially in the summer, but that’s not what bothers me – the skin underneath my freckles is all pink and red and BLAH! I use Revlon Colorstay foundation, and even that doesn’t completely disguise the patchy colour in that area of my face.

So, when I was playing around with my Maybelline goodie bag a few days after the event, I swatched the concealer on the back of my hand. The shade we all received in the goodie bag was ’02 Natural’ which I thought would be a little too dark for me – I’m normally the lightest shade in everything. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this extremely pigmented and creamy formula blends out a lot lighter than it looks in the tube. First of all I tried it under my eyes. Instant brightening! AND it didn’t crease in the fine lines under my eyes for the entire day (yeah, I’m 18 and I have fine lines. HAH!). Next I tried dabbing it on my chin and blending it in to cover the little bit of redness I have there. Perfecto! Then I thought ‘I wonder how this would fare on my nose?’ As it transpires – brilliantly.

I can’t believe I’m about to show you this, but this is my nekkid nose and undereye area. STARK BOLLOCK NEKKID. Please don’t recoil in horror, it will be gone in a minute!

I apply the concealer with the doefoot applicator with a couple of lines down my nose and a few dabs under my eyes. Just so you know, I never apply as much as in the next picture, I just wanted to make sure it showed up for the photo! Haha

I use a small foundation brush that previously lay neglected in my brush jar to blend it into the skin. I also add a touch on my chin, although that’s not pictured as it’s not nearly as bad as my nose. Hey presto – instantly brighter, evenly coloured skin. YES! :D

This also heps me save on foundation, as it’s a near perfect (undetectable, at least) match for my foundation shade so I don’t need to go over these parts of my face with foundation. In fact, if this came in bigger containers, I would use it all over! Haha. So, in short, I’m currently hailing this concealer as the best thing since sliced bread because…

  • It evens out my crappy, blotchy red skin
  • It doesn’t crease, fade or flake ALL DAY
  • The tube lasts a long time (I’ve been using it every day since mid-September and there’s still about 1/3 left – luckily I also have a backup!)
  • It’s easily accessible and inexpensive
  • The pigmentation is so good I really could use this as an all-over foundation if I wanted to!
  • To anyone else who uses this, what do you think of it? Where and how do you use it? I’d love to know ^_^;

    Maybelline Pure.Cover Mineral concealer retails for about £5-7 and is available in most Boots/Superdrug stores.

    16 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Pure.Cover Mineral Concealer

    1. I got this product in natural too, and because I’m pale I didnt know whether it would match my skin tone. But… it does really well. I use it on my nose, undereyes and on any blemishes. It’s my favourite concealer :) Fab review! x

    2. @Shannon: I know right, isn’t it great? :D

      @Thedicegirl: I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you as I don’t have any scars and I don’t often get any blemishes (and when I do I try to avoid putting any sort of makeup on them) – Shannon (beautifulbrunette714) says she uses it on her blemishes so I guess it must do okay?

      @Emma: Yes, you NEED to! It’s hands down my single most favourite thing from the Maybelline goodie bags!

      @Nik: Thanks :) you should!

      @LipGlossGossip: Let us know if you do, I’d love to read a review from someone else!


    3. @Marce: Cool, I’m sure she’ll like it!

      @Marietta: Haha daww, that’s so cool! Glad you liked it!

      @Carla: Yesyesyes I implore you to do so ;P

      @Ceecile: Thank you! Daww, hopefully it will be soon!

      @Stace: Daww thanks! :D

      @Nicole: Glad I’m not the only one who uses it religiously!

      @Jacie: I know right! I never used to think very much of Maybelline before I was invited to their bloggers’ event but being able to try out all their products properly has made them really go up in my estimation.


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