Just a quickie

A super quick blog post (so it’s not gonna be weighed down by a TON of writing like my posts normally are, haha), I’m getting ready to go stay at Colin’s for the weekend so I probably won’t be around at all.

Anyway, I just found out that Lauren Luke is doing a book signing at Selfridge’s today.. I’m gonna be passing through Oxford St anyway so I’m tempted to hop off the tube and go see how long the queue is. If it’s not bad I may actually go get her book and meet her :D that would be awesome. And I can ask her why Sephora and the USA is more important than the UK for stocking her products D

This was the first one I did, ’cause my nails were already painted that colour so I just wanted to start stamping straight away haha. It’s Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Intense, Konad special polish in white with image plate M57 :)

And this is what I’m sporting right now, so tacky but I love it :D Eyeko Pastel Polish, and the same Konad polish and image plate. Yay!

Anyway I’m off. Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend! xo

15 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. I love your konadicures! Please post more often about it :-)
    About Lauren Luke’s book yeah I was thinking about this as well but I can’t today… If you actually buy the book and meet her, can you do a post on it and a review on the book? :-)

  2. @Nefertari: I didn’t go! I was running a bit late to meet Colin so I didn’t have the time to get off at Oxford St and go take a look D: sorry! I’m hoping to order a copy of her book on Amazon in the next couple of weeks anyway (provided it doesn’t sell out too quickly) so when I get it I’ll still do a review :)

    @Denise: YES. You must. That is all. ;D

    @Everyone: Thank you! ^_^;


  3. your nails loook amazinggggggg!! Holy macerole! I wish I could do my nails like that!! :) And thanks for the wish of good luck :) Was it hard to get the job? :O Like interviews and stuff.. It must have been soo much fun!! Eeeee I’m excited :)

  4. Konad is still kind of hard for me to use haha! :P
    I love your nail designs <3 Especially the leopard! <3 so so cute :)
    Hope you have fun at Colin’s! <3

  5. Your nail look amazing! Pretty great work for someone who’s just got her kit. Shame you couldn’t meet Lauren Luke. I think it really fantastic how far she’s come. All good blessings to her.

  6. Leanne – you did great for your first tries! Some people find konad difficult to use, but you picked it up right away. Bravo on a job well done :)

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