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I know I’m a bit late with this one, but I’ve been meaning to try this mascara for ages and just never got around to it. I first tried Eyeko back in May when I got a whole bunch of stuff for just a tenner at MCM Expo (I am secretly a nerd) and have been intending to try their mascara ever since. I don’t know why it took me so long.

I’m a sucker for cool looking mascara brushes (so why I haven’t tried Phenomeneyes or Telescopic yet is beyond me – I just have too many mascaras, okay?). As you probably already know, Eyeko mascara comes in a squeezey tube which is certainly a plus point as it will reduce product wastage – and I did notice the amount of product you get is actually quite a bit; 8.5ml to be exact. Most mascaras, including Maybelline’s Lash Stiletto and Pulse Perfection are usually only about 6.5ml. The mascara with the most product I’ve ever come across is Maybelline Colossal at 10.7ml, but owing to the funny shape of the tube I doubt anyone’s ever really used it all. But I digress!

Eyeko packaging has always got a big thumbs up from me for cuteness, but not always functionality. For example, their cute-as-a-button nail polish bottles with the massive necks aren’t entirely practical for klutzes like me who are prone to knock things over. And their lipgloss tins are adorable but seem to leave hygiene to be desired. I definitely can’t complain about the mascara packaging, though! Anything that minimises waste of a product deserves kudos. Can you imagine is Urban Decay put their primer potion in a squeezy tube like TFSI? That would save so much time with that cutting bottles open malarkey. I’m rambling again!

Definitely an original looking brush, right? So, how does it perform? They say it’s “Designed to prevent dryness, premature breakage and to promote lash growth.” – well, that the dryness prevention claim makes sense owing to the vitamin B in the formula, but I can’t back it up I’m afraid. I actually found it made my lashes feel a little bit brittle and flaky after a few hours.

Unfortunately this mascara also seems to work best with just one coat – it wasn’t particularly lengthening or volumising I don’t think, but the first coat seperated nicely. Because the formula is so creamy (and supposedly nourishing) it takes a bloody ice age to dry, but once it did dry I thought I’d try and amp it up with another coat – wrong move! Clump city :( I managed to get most of the clumps out with a clean spoolie though. Also, the second coat seemed to make it really heavy and it definitely weighed my lashes down and they lost all their curl. :(

Overall though, there’s something about this mascara that I just really like! I’m going to persevere with it, perhaps I’ve just not got the hang of the brush yet. I can’t fault the product really, as I’ve seen plenty of rave reviews on it – I guess what works for some, doesn’t quite so well for others!

I’m definitely going to pass on Eyeko’s new mascara though – have you seen it? ‘Eyeko Magic Mascara’ – Check it out here. Now call me cynical, but there doesn’t appear to be anything magical about that! Okay the packaging is pretty once again, but I can’t see this one being a big seller. Mascaras really, REALLY need a unique selling point nowadays, and Eyeko’s original mascara ticked that box for the funky brush and squeezy tube – but what’s special about this new ‘magic’ one? Ah well, I’ll wait until someone reviews it and if it really does make the angels sing perhaps I’ll give it a go. They’re taking the mickey a bit with the price though I think – currently at in ‘introductory price’ of £8, which will be raised to £9 after the 10th of October? No thanks!

One other thing about Eyeko – WTF is up with the price differences instore/online? I bought my mascara (well, the boy did) for £4.99 in Superdrug – it’s £6 online. The nail polishes are £3 each online, £1.95 in store, etc etc! Admittedly though they do ship worldwide for free so I guess the price differences compensate for that.

What do you girls think of Eyeko?

16 thoughts on “Eyeko mascara review

  1. Have you tried removing it yet? It’s got to be the hardest ever mascara to remove lol. I like the extra blackness of it though, good for dramatic impact. x

  2. I can see your point about the magic mascara – im waiting to see some reviews to find out whats so special about it.
    The prices are stupid too – there arent really any advantages to shopping online if I can get it cheaper instore.
    Great review

  3. I’m finding that, while I didn’t like the mascara to begin with, I am reaching for it every day now to use. I think I’m in love with it. It’s a great mascara for a super price.

  4. I LOVE their mascara! I didn’t really have a problem with clumping, but hey, certain products work differently with everyone. The Tube and brush are definietly the best feature :-)I haven’t tried their new mascara yet either. You should try their Touch up and Glow Highlighter. I love it! I did a review on that in my blog if you want to check it out.


  5. I bought some stuff from the Eyeko website and saw Gemma’s photo on the side. A few months later I was reading her blog and was SURE I’d seen her pic somewhere before but couldn’t think where. After clicking on the link to the Eyeko website, it all now fits together!

    I’ve never tried anything by Eyeko because the stand in the Drug is always a mess.

  6. @Lu: Yeah, it wasn’t too hard to remove I didn’t think but I was scared of all my lashes falling out ’cause they felt so brittle! :(

    @Luce: Really? I never knew that, never had much interest in Bobbi Brown to be honest with you but I thought the Eyeko packaging was really original.. hmph! Haha

    @Emma: Yknow, I’ve never been particularly tempted by the cream! I don’t know why. I think I love their nail polishes the most ’cause the colours are so pretty but they’re not that great to apply and they take forever to dry… but its worth it for the adorable bottles!

    @Caz: I know right! But I guess its for the benefit of those who don’t live in the UK or anywhere else that they stock Eyeko instore, ’cause the slightly higher prices probably make up for the free shipping.

    @Jacie: I’m hoping I eventually have the same success story as you then, I want to love it SO BADLY! Haha

    @Nik: I was tempted by their Touch up and Go concealer but I’m already happy with the concealer I use, so maybe I’ll try the highlighter instead. Thanks!

    @Rhamnousia: Haha, you’d never believe the same thing happened to me ages ago!

    @Eliza: Sod it, I think you should let yourself be tampted by the super cute packaging.. you might find a real gem of a product, and if not at least it will look cute if you leave it out! :D

    Thanks for your comments ladies :)

  7. I used to have this, but I didn’t like it.
    It’s one of those mascaras that are really tacky and you could pull it of in little balls, which is weird. I love the packaging design though. x

  8. Oooo… Ive only read good reviews on it so far, and Miss Worthy praised it on a youtube vid.. but now Im starting to hear the bad things about it too. Im pretty fussy with my mascara… so reading this has put me off it now haha. Saves my purse a tenna though!!!! lol.

    Jo.. xxxx

  9. I’m a big sucker for cute packaging so this brand caught my eye as well as being reasonable priced… I love the Masacra but i agree the new one is nothing special it just doesn’t do the same as the old one in terms of making my lashes look false and black so i was disapointed

  10. Cute packages are the selling point! But if its good product too? That’s a pretty good deal. But the mascara doesn’t seem too impressive.

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