We WISH we were born with it! (Maybelline event 10/09)

As you may already know, I was one of the lucky bloggers to get invited to Maybelline’s first blogger’s event at L’Oreal Headquarters in Hammersmith, West London. I know I’m pretty late blogging about it but I only got home late last night, sorry! I’ll try not to repeat everything you’ve probably read a dozen times before already ^_^;

I made my way from Bow (East London) to Waterloo in time to meet Sian (MissDollyGal) and Charlotte (Lipglossiping), then the three of us made our way to Covent Garden to meet Lydia (MissLMScott) and Sophie (ButtonSoph). I wanted to go to Charles Fox (knowing that Illamasqua is sold in there), and the others wanted to go to Screenface, and of course we all wanted to go to MAC, so we were led on a little adventure (treasure hunt, maybe) by Charlotte’s crappy yet charming navigation XD we also made stops in Shu Uemura and Space NK, but I think that all 5 of us exercised excellent amounts of self-control considering we were surrounded by like-minded enablers. I’d never shopped with a fellow make-up addict or beauty blogger before so being with another 4 was slightly overwhelming! :D

Despite the building being big and obvious, it took us a fair few minutes to find the L’Oreal HQ when we reached Hammersmith, but it was worth it when we got there. After signing in and receiving our visitors’ passes (exciting!), we chatted with a handful of bloggers who’d turned up earlier before we were greeted by the lovely Natalie of Headstream PR who organised the event with Maybelline. We were taken upstairs to the 8th floor where we were given nametags with our names and blog URLs on (awesome, right) and pretty much told to scoff – tables were laid out with tons of dainty little sandwiches and pretty cupcakes :) so we had a little nibble before more bloggers turned up – I really wanted to introduce myself to Jen (MizzWorthy) and Becky (Sirvinya) but I was too nervous :( haha.

Soon enough we were led to the chairs at the end of the room – people seemed kinda reluctant to sit in the front row so I took a place there, then realised that the girl sitting next-but-one to me was Marcia (LegsEleven7) :) so I introduced myself and she was kind enough to have brought along the Body Shop prizes I won a few days ago in her giveaway. Thanks! ^_^; (These will again be a seperate post).

We were given a short presentation by the two Katies and Charlotte from Maybelline (who, by the way, were stunning), including a promotional video for Maybelline 2010 which featured some amazing images which surprisingly really inspired me – it’s clear that Maybelline are really striving to become more recognised as a more exciting brand as well as what many of us consider to be one of the leading UK drugstore brands. The girls discussed the position of Maybelline in the mass market, and not only introduced us to their two new products (Colour Sensational lipstick range, which many of us are already fans of, and Pulse Perfection vibrating mascara), but also reminded us of their permanent products and the almost cult-status of some of these, for example Great Lash and Colossal mascaras. We were all getting increasingly more excited throughout the presentation as almost every time a product was mentioned we were told ‘there’s one of those in your goodie bag too’!

A few people upped and left as soon as we were given goodie bags, but the rest of us milled around the tables where different products were laid out – one of the best things I think they did was the ‘foundation bar’; of course they couldn’t put foundation straight into our goodie bags as everyone will be a different shade so they had some of their foundations (Dream Satin Liquid, Dream Matte Mousse and Pure.Foundation Minerals) laid out for us to take according to suggestions given to us by the makeup artists on hand. Since I’ve been using DSL for a while (and already have another bottle in reserve) I decided to try both the Dream Matte Mousse and the mineral one which I was particularly excited about as I’d never tried mineral foundation before. This is the only point during the event that I took pictures, haha, I was too busy being excited! The only table I managed to get a picture of before it was torn apart by us beauty addicts was the one showcasing the new Colour Sensational lipsticks, which is included in this set of four! ^_^

And here’s Sian, Lydia and me – I look SO young :/ haha.

So of course you’ll want to see what was in the goodie bags! Yeahm we got two! One had five (although most people got six in theirs, haha) of the Colour Sensational lipsticks and a Pulse Perfection mascara in. I love Pulse Perfection already! I’d often wondered what things like Lancome Oscillation and Estee Lauder TurboLash were like but I wasn’t prepared to shell out that much money to find out; but I must say this whole vibrating mascara thing isn’t the gimmick you might think. I’ll have a proper review of this up soon! Also, you’re probably already aware, the Colour Sensation lipsticks are divided into four colour families – Pinks, plums, reds and browns – and each colour group has a different coloured lid making the shades much easier to find in store. It seems such an obvious thing to do but none of us have ever thought of it before!

The lipstick shades I got are 112 Ambre Rose (I’ve given this one to my mum ’cause I already had Ambre Rose!), 125 Shimmer Pink, 132 Sweet Pink, 148 Summer Pink, 150 Stellar Pink, 165 Pink Hurricane [pink family], 240 Galactic Mauve [plum family], 420 Coral Pop, 530 Fatal Red, 535 Ruby Star [red family], and 630 Velvet Beige [brown family].

In the second bag was almost everything else that Maybelline sell :D haha. Not only did we get all of this (I’m still open-mouthed at how generous they were), but whilst we were wandering around all the tables chatting to the Katies and Charlotte from Maybelline, almost every time we swatched or tested something we were told to just take it! So I’ve ended up with a lot more of the Colour Sensational lipsticks as you can see above, a couple more EyeStudio mono eyeshadows and a bunch of other bits and pieces, but in this picture I just included what was originally in the bag.

Now I’ve only had a little play with the products so far as I’ve been away for a couple of days but so far I’m really impressed with the new lipsticks (although I was anyway!), Pulse Perfection, mineral foundation, mousse blush and their liquid liner in felt tip pen form! Oh oh and also the Superstay lip products. Aaand I’ve just finished painting my nails in their Forever Strong polish in Midnight Blue and I’m loving the shade so far – but I haven’t put a topcoat on so I can put the ‘up to 7 days wear’ claim to the test!

When we left, I had to wait for my boyfriend to come and meet me but Sian, Charlotte and Sophie wanted to go to Pizza Hut (Lydia had already left with some others) – but luckily right at that moment Yinka (VexInTheCity) and Patience (MissVirtue) left L’Oreal so they were nice enough to wait with me for the whole hour it took for Colin to turn up. I had a great time laughing about random crap with them and swapping bits and pieces from our goodie bags!

Yinka and me. Christ, those bags under my eyes are terrible.

All in all I don’t think the day could have been any better for my first bloggers event. Massive thank you to Natalie Kitcher of Headstream PR for organising and inviting, to the Katies and Charlotte for being so friendly and helpful and GENEROUS! And of course to all the gorgeous girls I’ve mentioned in this post for helping make it such an awesome day.

I’m sorry this is so so long! Haha :) I’ll try and keep it shorter and sweeter next time, I just had to much to say.

10 thoughts on “We WISH we were born with it! (Maybelline event 10/09)

  1. Oh I didn’t realise you waited a whole hour! you should’ve said he’d be a while, I would’ve waited with you. Feel so bad now :( but I’m glad the others came to your rescue!
    That photo of me is HORRIBLE :(

  2. @Sian: Haha that’s alright, I didn’t realise he was gonna be so fackin’ long either! And it’s not horrible you fool, at least you don’t look like you’re about 12 years old like I do XD xo

  3. awww fab post! So glad you had a great experience!! *beam* :D
    *gasp* so many lippies! woooo! You got me intrigued with the Ambre Rose lippy.. sigh! One day when I have a disposable income.. ONE DAY *shakes fist* >:D
    love it! you look gorgey leelee! xxxx

  4. @Yinka: Haha you don’t! Damn why does everyone say that about themselves?! Yeah it was fun :D sorry for delaying your Westfield trip!

    @Jools: :D I got two Ambre Roses there, and I already had one anyway so that makes three. I gave one to my mum which means I have one left over. WANT IT? :D


  5. You ladies all look gorgeous. What a fun time you must’ve all had. I would just love to have all those goodies. I am first and formost a lipstick lover. I would have flipped to have that many in my bag. I have to look into those lipsticks.

  6. Wow! Looks like you had a really good day! :)
    So jealous of all the goodies you recieved!
    Im gutted i couldnt go! :( Hopefully, if i get invited to another event, i can go! :) x

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