Too much purple in one post?

I am SO EXCITED about nail stuff right now. I fiiinally ordered a Konad the other day, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. If you want one too, get yourself to – it’s incredibly cheap and you can use Brooke’s 30% discount code GETCHA. Aaand orders over $20 get free shipping, even internationally. :D

On top of that to look forward to, Brooke has also done a custom purchase of some China Glaze nail polishes (and Seche Vite topcoat) for me, as they’re very hard to come by and very expensive in the UK. Can’t wait! :D

So anyway, I was looking for something in the depths of my hideously unorgasnised cupboard last night and I came across this old nail polish, I don’t even remember having it but I thought I’d give it a go anyway – it did need a few drops of acetone to thin it out ’cause it had gone a tiny bit gloopy but I quite like it actually. It’s Rimmel ’60 Seconds Vinyl Stars’ in 628 Twinkle. Yeah, it’s meant to dry in 60 seconds – it didn’t XD probably something to do with the age but ah well.

It sort of reminds me of a sparkly version of Collection 2000 Dynasty but a lot more pinky. It looks gritty in the picture but it’s not to the touch.

This morning, the light coming in from my bedroom window was really good but I couldn’t get a good picture of my FOTD so I thought I’d be brave and go for a full-length thing so I guess you could call this an OOTD…?

I’ve always avoided doing OOTDs ’cause I feel like I’m a terrible dresser, haha. But on the offchance that you might want to know, the shirt dress was 19.99 from H&M, leggings were probably from H&M too, don’t really remember. The belt is my sister’s, it came on a pair of shorts she got from Primark. Earrings are from Lovehearts&Crosses aaand my bracelet was a present from a friend a couple of years ago from a holiday in Hong Kong.

You can’t see much of my FOTD, so nevermind XD the short version is this: usual face products, Kryolan shades palette (Santiago) for the eyes and Eldiberry by Beautylicious Cosmetics on the lower lashline, lashings of mascara & some false lashes, then just some plum coloured gloss on the lips. ^_^;

I won’t be around this weekend ’cause the fella will be here. Hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

15 thoughts on “Too much purple in one post?

  1. @Juicygirl: One of the CG nail polishes I’m getting is TTYL from the OMG collection, holographic peachy pink :D you’ll probably like that! And thanks ^_^

    @Emma: Thank you ^_^ <3

    @Marcia: Haha, thanks. XD Doesn’t stand for anything :) it’s supposed to be a laughing face!


  2. YAAAAY! twinkle is one of my favey polish colours.. I have one bottle that is more lilac (true to Dynasty colour a la collection2000) but the other bottle I have is more like yours – pink toned (?!) very strange! I sobbed a little when it went gloopy and I was forced to throw it away.. :’( LOL! Awww you gorgey thing YOU! *shakes fist* we haz the same hair length! xD loving the purple shirt – for some reason I haven’t got a checked/plaid shirt! o.O; ooo! the earrings! they look radical on you :D

    eeeee will miss you LOTS! have a wonderful weekend with the loverboy :P

    ps – my captcha verification code was “bolony” !!

  3. Thanks everyone ^_^;

    @DaisyBee: They’re really not long at all! They used to be a lot longer but they’ve been very brittle in the last few months and keep breaking, which is crap. But I guess my only secret is that I’ve never bitten my nails! Haha.


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