Smiley happy award time! :3

Sorry for doing two of these so close together.. nevermind!

Kate made up this tag/award a little while ago, and I was tagged by the hottest redhead on Blogger: Emma (Girl with the arab strap)! Hah, when I was at school I got picked on for being chubby and ginger, despite the fact I wasn’t ginger AT ALL. Haha, but in year 10 I finally though ‘yknow what? Fuck it, they want ginger they can have ginger’ and I dyed my hair BRIGHT orange. :D I loved it, I really miss it actually. Anyway that was completely irrelevant to the tag, ‘cept Emma is a hotter ginger than I was ;D


-You have to put a song that makes you happy.

- You can tag as many people as you like, there is no limit.

- Say at least on thing about each blog you tag, that will make them smile, something nice about their blog that makes you smile when you read it! :)

Okay! A song that never fails to make me happy and NEED to dance is Junior Senior – Move Your Feet. How can anyone listen to this song and NOT want to dance? :D Plus the video is completely ridiculous which is always a plus.

Next part: I love every single blog I follow (or I wouldn’t follow it, duh ;P), but I refuse on principle to say ‘I TAG EVERYONE’ ’cause I hate it when people do that! So obviously I can’t do eeeveryone, I’ll just pick some of my very very favourites; the ones that I get excited if I see a new post for. :D

Jools (Foshoozley) – Okay, whether we like to admit it or not we all have a blogger BFF. She is mine! She is THE nicest girl in the world ever, fact (!). She’s massively talented, and her blog is just a general array of happy and pretty things. Since I follow over 200 blogs and 98% of those are purely focussed on beauty/fashion, Jools’ blog is a refreshing change and you should definitely have a look. ;D

Phyrra (FrescoPhyrra) – until recently you might have known her as Decorative Diva, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of you follow her already, she’s brilliant! She uses mainly mineral makeup from companies like Fyrinnae and Aromaleigh, so you can always expect to see good reviews of them and absolutely TONS of amazing EOTDs.

Emma (Birds Decorate Branches) – Mostly EOTDs (which give me new ideas for colour combinations more often than not), occasionally interspersed with reviews, NOTDs, and at the moment she’s doing a great ‘Five Favourite…’ series.

Charlotte (Lipglossiping) – She has a lovely linguistic flair which makes her reviews and all of her posts a pleasure to read, she’s a stunning woman and we occasionally get to see a post about her personal life which is good ’cause we get to see pictures of her GORGEOUS baby Leila! Oh, and she’s a fantastic enabler in real life, too. ;D

Brooke (Getcha Nails Did) – If you’re a nail polish junkie, you NEED to be following her. Srsly. Although I will warn you in advance, she will create many many lemmings.

Shirley (Meek~n~Mild) – Gorrrgeous girl with tons of great FOTDs, OOTDs, reviews and everything else a good blog should have ;D

And this is kindve a bonus one: Sarah (The Puff Reports). Unfortunately she hasn’t had a chance to update since July (she’s back at beaaauty school now) but the format in which she does her reviews is so cute and simply brilliant, really. Hopefully she’ll be back soon though!

10 thoughts on “Smiley happy award time! :3

  1. AWWWW i have the biggest smile ever! I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful gorgey friend like you leelee! <3 love you to pieces, and WOOOOO i am in the middle of almost tearing my earphones and breaking them cos i’m dancing to your happy song! :D gotta love those dancing pixels baby!! I love how you wrote a little description of each people’s blogs – SO SO SO CUTE!! aaaaah! *happy squee* xxx

  2. @Brooke: You’re welcome, you made mine with that 30% discount on ocnailart… I totally have a Konad on its way to me now! :D

    @Aralka: It’s awesome right? *Dances*

    @Louise: Hope you get it sorted out!

    @Emma: Why thank you, haha. And yeah, I don’t think there’s ANYONE who doesn’t like that song, even secretly ;P


  3. awww thank you lovely lady!! You’ve made mine (and Leila’s day) she sends big dribbly kisses in your general direction – and NO you’re not allowed to duck!

    What a lovely tag too!

    Can’t wait to get together for a better and longer shopathon sometime in the future, still no exhibitor list for IMATS?

  4. @Charlotte: Dawww, as if I would duck! :D hahaha. Still no list on the IMATS London site, but now it says ‘click here for details’ and leads to the exhibitor list for IMATS Toronto which is in November, so they’re leading us to assume that the list for London will be the same but I don’t really want to chance buying tickets just yet – besides the list for Toronto isn’t all that awesome right now:

    @Kate: You’re welcome, thanks for creating such a lovely tag! Thank you ^_^;


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