Maybelline Event Emergency!

Hey girls, so I’m going to the Maybelline event on Thursday (10th) and I was gonna meet up with DitzyMakeup (Sinead) beforehand but unfortunately she can’t come anymore! :(

So, now I’m a bit stuck. XD

I know my way around London well thanks to living very close so if there’s anyone out there who’s going but is a bit shy/worried about going to the event alone and not knowing anyone (like me, then…), PLEASE let me know! Haha. I don’t even mind if we’ve never spoken before, good excuse to make new friends right? I’m just a little frightened of showing up alone ’cause I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never been to a bloggers’ event before.

And we can go shopping beforehand ;P New Illamasqua collection anyone?

Please don’t be afraid to comment! Haha :) Or add me to MSN ( or @reply me on Twitter (@donotrefreeze)


5 thoughts on “Maybelline Event Emergency!

  1. @Kyuubified: Damn the ocean!” XD

    @Pyxiee: Daww, there’s always next time! I’m still amazed I was invited :)

    @Emma & Phoebe: Thanks girls ^_^ I’m meeting up with Sian (MissDollyGal) and some other people (god knows who haha, this is all very last minute), and they’re all getting into London at about 1 too, hopefully we’ll all bump into each other at some point and if not we will do at the event! :D


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