Look at my self control!

As mentioned in my previous post, I did a spot of shopping in Covent Garden with some other gorgeous bloggers pre-Maybelline event on Thursday. I’m incredibly proud of myself, considering we went into Charles Fox, Screenface, MAC, Shu Uemura, and Space NK… And I only bought 3 things! Big high five?! ;D

I realise there are four things in the picture.. but I’ll get there in a second.

The fourth item, which I didn’t get on Thursday, is Illamasqua’s Pure Pigment in Static from the Dystopia collection. The main reason that I wanted to go to Charles Fox with the girls on Thursday is because I knew Illamasqua was sold there (I’d been gagging for the new collection for weeks), and I was very disappointed to find that they didn’t have the new collection in yet when we went D: so on Saturday I dragged my poor boyfriend all the way to Oxford Street because I was SO DESPERATE for Phenomena liquid metal which you may remember me drooling over a while ago. But apparently they haven’t even had it delivered yet, and it’s not online either. Come on Illamasqua, sort it out!

Anyway, due to the lack of Phenomena (and Android pure pigment, which I also wanted but was apparently sold out) I picked up Static pigment on a whim. At the time I thought it was very pretty, and it still is. But it’s very gritty in comparison to my favourite Illamasqua pigment (Furore) due to all the glitter in it, and I really can’t see myself using it so I’m kinda regretting the purchase. I’ll give it a go though, and try and use it in a few FOTDs but if I can’t make it work for me I’m just going to sell it on here.

But while we were at Charles Fox I picked up the Kryolan #3511 brush, a stiff dome brush good for crease work. It was only £4.95, in fact I was surprised at how cheap most of the brushes were in there – the Charles Fox own brand ones seemed great so I might try some soon.

And since I got a Kryolan brush, I figured there was no time like the present to try some Kryolan eyeshadows since I’d wanted to for ages. The Aquacolours have never particularly appealed to me but I was instantly drawn to the Shades palettes, five colour eyeshadow palettes (not water activated – although I’m sure they probably can be used wet or with Fix+ or a sealing gel of some sort) all named after different cities. I went for Santiago, which incidentally Charlotte also picked up. I’m pretty sure Santiago is in Chile but my geography is pretty fail so forgive me if I’m wrong! So far I’m very impressed with this palette, only played around with it a bit but the colours are very soft and pigmented, but I think I made a good choice of colours ’cause judging by the pigmentation of these, their brights would be BRIGHT! And also the brush that comes in the palette is really good quality, I’ve actually used it more than the #3511 so far!

I’m loving this palette a lot, and I’m hoping to pick up a couple of others, namely Berlin and Abu Dhabi (which I know for a fact are in Germany and Dubai respectively so you can’t correct me there ;P). Berlin is silvers/granites/black, and Abu Dhabi is peachy pinks and reddy browns. And at £15.95 I think these are pretty much a steal – that’s just £3.19 per shadow with a free brush ;P

The last thing I got was MAC’s lustre lipstick in Pretty Please (which Lydia also got) – I was doing so well at resisting temptation with this, my rational side was telling me ‘but it’s not an autumn colour!’ but Sian made me cave by cooing ‘oooh but it’s so pretty though…’! She’s right, it is, haha.

I think I’ll stop yapping now and give you some swatches.

Look out for an FOTD soon using the Kyrolan palette! :)

And also, I wanted to show you the stuff I won in Marcia’s contest :D the two Body Shop Precious Pearlescents eyeshadow trios, and three of the eye definers in Vibrant Emerald, Shimmering Steel and Glowing Amethyst. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with the eyeshadows apart from swatching them, and on first impressions I LOVE how shimmery they are but the pigmentation is stronger in Sundown Glow (the warm tones one) than it is in Moonlight Lustre (the cool toned one), but I still love them both. I’ve used the green eyeliner a few times and I like it a lot so far, although I’ve noticed that these liners don’t show up on the waterline – although I’ve found this with most liners. ^_^; Thanks Marcia!

So there’s some of my new stuff. ^_^;
I’m aiming not to spend ANYTHING else until I can find a job! Wish me luck ;D

But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of reviews to do and stuff so I won’t be MIA or anything! If you’d like a review on any of the products I’ve mentioned in the last few weeks, let me know :)


7 thoughts on “Look at my self control!

  1. @Marcia: Thank yoouu :D haha I was so excited when I won.

    @Nik: Thankyou ;D

    @Luce: Haha oh, I was pretty indecisive! I spent a good 20 minutes uhmm-ing and ahh-ing over the different ones trying to make a choice – I’m definitely going to get Berlin and Abu Dhabi too at some point :D

    @Emma: Thanks ^_^; not heard from you in a while!


  2. GODDDDAAAAAAAAMN how did i miss this post?! WTF there is a loop in my brain that ain’t workin I’m telling ya! :P Hope you can get teh Illamasqua pigment workin for you dollface cos it looks marvy! *sending you BEAMS of good luck and jets of er, “NO MORE SPENDING” haha :p* which is so hard.. so much temptation! xxx

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