Damn you, Boots!

I am currently on a self-imposed ban from buying makeup. Sod Project 10 Pan, I simply don’t have the willpower to do something like that and I think part of the fun of having such a large makeup collection is that you can use different things every day and not just get yourself stuck in a rut with a few items to try and use them up. I’LL be the one to decide when I can start buying makeup again! I’m sure I won’t be on my ban for too long, as there’s a couple of things from some of MAC’s winter collections that I think I’d quite like. ;D

Anyway, despite being on a makeup ban, when there’s a 3 for 2 offer across almost everything in Boots, I can’t just pass it up, can I? This is what I was suckered into buying yesterday.

No, I’m not including nail polish in my ban! :D I got two of Bourjois’ So Laque! polishes – 31 Bleu Violet and 28 Rose Lounge. I’ve been meaning to try one of these for AGES, ’cause I remember seeing a promo image months ago and the models nails were SO shiny and I loved it. I also got Collection 2000′s Sparkle Top Coat, Klaire De Lys has raved about this and I thought I’d try it because it looked nice and smooth in the bottle – I can’t deal with the feeling of chunky glitter in my nail polish.

I also got 3 hair products; Batiste dry shampoo in Tropical – can you BELIEVE I’d never tried dry shampoo until yesterday? Where has it BEEN all my life? I figured if so many people on Blogger love it, there must be something good! And I got some smoothing cream with heat protection from a brand I must say I’ve not heard of before, Angelfish. I love trying different heat protection products and this was like £3.91 or something. Lastly I got a trial version of Lee Stafford’s Poker Straight treatment because I really do put my hair through a lot of shit with blowdrying and straightening so anything that claims to repair it is worth a shot! I haven’t used either of those last two things yet but I’ll be sure to let you know if they’re either crap or wonderful.

And of course, we need nail polish swatches! Here are the Bourjois ones – definitely very shiny, I like! Bleu Violet was the one in the promo image I was on about so naturally I wanted to try that one (plus I haven’t got anything like that in my collection), this one was totally opaque in two coats. I went for Rose Lounge because I haven’t really got a decent colour to use as a base for french style designs when I get my Konad. Only trouble is, this is four coats in the picture and there’s still a problem with visible nail line, but I guess that’s not too much of a problem since the tip will be stamped over anyway. Really liking these so far, they have a reasonable drying time too.

As for trying out the Sparkle top coat, I just did a couple of coats of three polishes that I LOVE but sometimes I feel could do with a little bit of jazzing up. These are Maybelline ForeverStrong in Midnight Blue, and Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Dynasty and Hoola Hoop.

Add a coat of Sparkle top coat, et voila! Very shiny, no? :)

Well that’s just about all I have to show you right now. To tide my blog over during my makeup ban, I was thinking of doing a ‘product rave week’ and just review one of my favourite products from each area (face, eyes, lips etc), ’cause I’ve come to realise I don’t really do much in the way of reviewing. I normally give my first impressions on something when I get it, but other than that.. sorry! Haha. And/or I was thinking of a ‘week of rediscovery’ – lately I’ve been coming across tons of things I forgot I even had and am starting to love them, now I have a better knowledge of makeup application than I did when I bought them, so I’ve got a better idea of how I can best utilise them. :) What do you think? Also you can expect to see some nail posts when I get my packages from OCNailArt and Brooke, but I’ll try not to inundate you because I know I have followers who are here for makeup and followers who are here for nails. :)

How are you all? I’m in a chatty mood! xo

Oh! PS ;D Thanks to everyone who left thoughtful comments on my last post – I promise I’m very chilled out usually, that was just getting on my nerves! Haha. And thanks to new followers – can you believe I’ve actually gained 14 followers since that post?

15 thoughts on “Damn you, Boots!

  1. Haha@VNL.

    Boots always sucker me in and it is so not good! And plus this 3 for 2 is worse, you go in thinking you will just eye up some makeup, you end up having to buy one, you pick up another because it also “looks nice” and before you know it, you’re strutting out with three things.

    I’m on a Project 10 pan for haircare and facecare products and I think I’m doing pretty well at the mo.

    Re. the followers after posting your rant, I was the first thank you very much ;)

  2. @Charlotte: Yeeaah it is kind’ve annoying, especially when the Bleu Violet one is so opaque. I don’t mind too much though because I did just buy it with the intention of using it as a base for Frenches with my Konad :D I nearly picked up the Beige Glamour one but it looked a bit similar to my Guppy #25 so I decided against it D:

    @Rhamnousia: I know right! They make you think you’re getting this awesome deal with the whole 3 for 2 thing but then you end up buying much more than you normally would have anyway.. *sigh*. And thanks for following ^_^; haha. I told my boyfriend that I’d got a load of new readers after my rant and he was like ‘maybe you should bitch and moan more often’, haha! :)


  3. Oooh that sparkle coat is to die for! I love sparkle-y nails, so pretty!

    And yeah, Dry shampoo is a godsend, especially to those with oily hair! I just hate that its hard to find in drugstores, I can only find them in Sephora or sometimes beauty supply stores :(

  4. What pretty polish colors. Love the deep blue nails. Sparkle is always gorgeous on any color. I love makeup and polish. I’m happy to read about either.

  5. @Denise: It isss :D hey, I’m getting China Glaze Let’s Do it in 3D! Got someone doing a custom purcahse for me ’cause we can’t really get ‘em over here and the first thing I thought of was that one after seeing it on your blog. I’m getting a couple of the OMG ones too! Hey maybe we should do a swap one day, ’cause you’d love Collection 2000 polishes. And Barry M too! :D Dry shampoo is really easy to get over here, its like £2 in any drugstore (which I guess is like $3.50 or something).

    @Nik: Thanks, I especially like the Bourjois ones :D

    @Lucy: I love the deep blue too, it was one of the things in our goody bags from the Maybelline bloggers event. Dark blue is such a nice colour for nails I think, it’s kinda vampy but not overpowering like black :)

    @Emma: See, stupid Boots! Haha. If I had more money to spare I would have gone MENTAL! Yeah I always thought Bourjois polishes were a bit pricey at like £5.50 but it didn’t seem so bad on 3 for 2.. *siiigh*!


  6. I love Batiste!!! Its like my lil’ life saver haha and Im loving the look of Collection 2000′s Sparkle Top Coat. Im off to boots later hopefully, so think Ill be picking that up.

    Jo… xxxxx

  7. @Jo: Dooo it! :D And while you’re there don’t forget to pick up some Cutex ;P that sparkle top coat isn’t as horrid to remove as most glitters because it’s not thick and chunky! xo

  8. is dry shampoo much different from baby powder? i put a little in my hair before i go to seep some nights and was just wondering if there was a difference?

    i love the Bleu Violet nailpolish!! prettiest blue polish i’ve seen!

  9. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY GIRLY! that collection 2000 sparkly top coat polish is genious, daaayum!
    and your nails! *_* gorgey strong nails like woah! *edges away slowly hiding own nails* heh.. o.O’; :D
    hehe. angel fish! cute name :D xxxx

  10. I love that topcoat! I will be buying, it as soon as humanly possible, methinks. I have a So Laque called something like prune vinyl and I might have to get Rose Lounge too… Not that I need another pale pink but who cares!

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