Two down, two to go!

Yaay, mail ;D Two out of the four packages on their way to me arrived yesterday and today and conveniently enough they were both the nail polish orders so I can stick them in a blog post together!

Yesterday brought the arrival of the nail art pens from eBay. First of all I need to complain about the way they were packaged D

As you can see, this poor packaging caused a couple of them to leak and stick together.. but it all cleaned up okay. Worth it in the end though ;D these are great.

I posted these pictures on MakeupTalk and quite a lot of the girls there hadn’t seen nail pens like this, so in case you haven’t either, I’ll explain ^_^; they’re really clever, you can unscrew the top to use the striper brush, or you can pull the very top of the cap off (where the gold bands are) and there’s a teeny tiny nozzle for squeezing little dots onto the nail, which is also really useful for sticking on little gems and stuff. And they all come with a tiny needle taped to the bottom to unblock the nozzle when needed.

I had so many pretty colours to play with I didn’t know where to start, but I liked the colour polish I already had on so I just did some (VERY) amateur little daisies on top.. Haha :)

Today, the Guppy nail polishes I ordered arrived from Hong Kong. VERY impressed with these! The bottles are much bigger than I expected (18ml of product, compared to 10ml for Barry M nail paints, 14ml for NYX polishes, 8ml for Collection 2000 Hot Looks). They don’t have colour names, but these are numbers 25, 33 and 77 L-R.

As much as I liked the flowers on my nails from yesterday, I had to remove it to try these colours out ’cause I was so excited about them. I LOVE these! Consistency is brilliant – not too thin and runny but by no means thick, no bubbling or streaking, relatively fast drying. And the pigmentation is great, too. These are all two coats – sorry for the messy application, I was so eager to take pictures XD

My favourite is 25, I’ve never had a taupe coloured polish before. I really like 77 too, this will be a great colour for the upcoming A/W season I reckon. Dark and sultry without being overpoweringly vampy ^_^; perfect for me. So you can see that they’re all very true to the colours in the bottles – they were actually mostly opaque in one coat but I always do two coats.

So anyway, since I’d already taken yesterday’s polish off I decided to finish my nails off with 25, then I decided I missed the little flowers from yesterday so I used bronze and glittery gold stripers to do very similar ones today. :D I know my fingers are kinda chubby. Haha.

Jessica, owner of Beautylicious Cosmetics emailed me yesterday to say that she’d shipped the shadows I won in her contest, super excited to try those out! :D I’ll be patient though ’cause they’re coming from Canada.
OH! And she made a new pigment collection recently and asked for name suggestions.. she’s named a new silver one ‘Freeze’ after me ;P how awesome is that?

Oh oh and just before I go.. More Illamasqua excitement! I’ve been watching the Official Illamasqua Blog like a hawk ’cause they’re announcing new products for the Dystopia collection all week. Here’s a swatch directly from the site of a new Pure Pigment, called Android.

Gaaahhh.. Need this too! I LOVE my Furore pure pigment so I can’t wait to be able to try this one.


13 thoughts on “Two down, two to go!

  1. Awh I like how you decorated your nails! I might look into getting some of those nail art pens as I get bored with polish so easily! I love the taupe and coral colours for the HK nail vanishes =) I love to get parcels! x

  2. @Pyxiee: I definitely recommend them! So cheap for the amount of fun they’ll provide :D and the Guppy nail polishes were $2.50 each which I guess works out at about £1.50 maybe? All good buys :)

    @Nefertari & Stormer: Thank you! ^_^;

  3. nice! which ebay seller did you get those nail art pens from? :) that’s a pretty nice collection ;)
    the guppy nail polishes look pretty :) #33 is my fav on ur nails! :)

  4. Oh I love the colour of #25! And the flowers you did look so pretty (and well done! I thought they were airbrushed!). And your fingers don’t look chubby. LOL. Everything is blown up when it’s right in front of the camera lens

  5. HEY LOVER! lololol <333
    i LOVE your nail art!! Your nails are laaavly and so nicely shaped. you DON’T have chubb fingers girly!! slim ;D

    omggg some people don’t know how to package items well nowadays – I swear, small items usually are packaged in the most absurd and EXCESSIVE packaging LOL but bigger, more items have flimsy ones! WTF!

    whoooooah Guppy nail paints look great!! I may have to ebay some, desp. looking for sexy new shades of nail colours for my newly grown nails YAY!
    lots of luuurve xxx

  6. @Chammy: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE <3333 I MISS YOU! <33 haha

    Ahh screw the homework for ten minutes ;D sankyuuu :3

    I know, the packaging drove me maaad. The Guppy polishes were tightly packed in plenty of bubble wrap, like it should be done! haha :) you should definitely get one or two or six, the quality is amazing and the bottles are huge!


  7. Gosh, don’t people realize what the mail is like. Having worked at the post office I wonder any packages arrive intact! Some people don’t care about the mail. The majority do care. Nice load of nail art colors you bought. I like the other three nail colors. I love green so that one is my favorite. I like your little daisies. They are cute and your fingers aren’t chubby.

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