Product Focus: Barry M Nail Paints!

I thought I’d put together a post about my modest collection of Barry M Nail Paints – I’ve got 8 at the moment but I’m hoping to expand that gradually ^_^;

The ones I have from L-R are called Pinky Caramel, Tangerine, Lime Green, Shocking Pink, Grey, Cyan Blue, Bright Purple and Mint Green. The consistency of Barry M nail pants is generally quite thick but not in a gloopy way, and I’ve never experienced streaking. All but one of my colours are matte (well they call them matte, they’re more creme than anything else), and Tangerine is a shimmer. They also do glittery ones but I’ve never really been one for glittery nail polish so I can’t comment on those ones I’m afraid. In my experience, these polishes are completely opaque in two coats although I’ll often do a third coat ’cause it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Now, I apologise profusely for any messy application in the pictures; I painted them one right after the other and I was starting to get a bit irritated with putting it on and taking it off and taking pictures in an annoying cycle by the end XD but you get the idea.

First is number 124, Pinky Caramel. This picture is especially for Laura aka Lollipop26, I recommended this shade to her and hopefully she’ll benefit from a swatch as the pictures on the Barry M website are way off!

Next, number 136, Tangerine. This one and 137 (Lime Green) are the ones I’ve had the longest, probably about 2 and a half years now. This one is the only shimmer I have from Barry M and the consistency is a little thinner but I actually find it quite a bit more durable than the others.

137, Lime Green, is a unique colour in that it’s a funny hybrid of green and yellow but I really like it. What I DON’T like about it is the samn staining! About 6 months ago I wore this (OVER a base coat, I never paint my nails without a clear coat underneath) and it still stained my nails.. there’s still a funny yellow tinge to the top part of them although it’s mostly grown out now. D:

When Barry M named 272 ‘Shocking Pink’, they meant shocking. This is a seriously in-your-face colour while still somehow managing to be very feminine.

293 (Grey) is one of my favourite polishes; a gorgeous dark grey which often attracts a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Cyan Blue, number 294, is another POW-IN-YOUR-FACE sort of colour. Really, really bright. I love wearing this one on my toes, looks all bright and summery ^_^;

303 (Bright Purple) and 304 (Spring Green) I got quite recently, a couple of months ago probably – they came out with a few more shades as the spring/summer 09 line. I don’t often wear this one, I’m not sure why ’cause it’s so pretty.

Spring Green, number 304, is a dupe for MAC’s Peppermint Patti according to the beauty bloggerati. I’ve never tried the MAC so I can’t make an informed judgement but if you missed the Sugarsweet collection, I’d definitely suggest picking this one up instead.

That concludes my current collection, and although I find they chip kinda easily that’s probably just to do with the amount of crap I put my poor nails through on a daily basis – gardening for my mother etc *sigh*. But with such an incredible range of colours at just £2.95 each, you can’t go far wrong with Barry M Nail Paints.

16 thoughts on “Product Focus: Barry M Nail Paints!

  1. loving the pinky caramel, cyan blue + spring green, ooooo! Good thing I wear fakeys otherwise I’d sob whilst having to put polish on my crummy bitten ones.. If I could wear gloves 24/7 so I’d stop biting them I would :P xxx

  2. I absolutely Loveeee your blog!
    Great swatches hun!
    Thanks 4 following me…but i’m having trouble trying to follow you…where’s the followers box??


  3. @Chammy You suck! <3 I've never bitten my nails haha. Makes me feel all funny :(

    @Emma Yeah, it’s annoying ’cause that one is actually a slightly better consistency for me.. but not worth the horrible stainage!

    @Shirley Oh sorry ^_^; I’ll put one in, but at the top of the page there should be a blue bar with a ‘follow blog’ button on it? Thanks a lot :)


  4. @tackyblueeyeshadow & Victora: Thanks ^_^;; I knew effort into it would be worth it eventually haha :D

    @blondieprincessx0: I KNOW RIGHT! Probably in my top 3 favourite nail colours ever.. and I have a lot!

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