I’m it! You’re next ;D

The lovely Hachii tagged me to do this cute meme. :D

1. First of all go to your ‘Pictures’ folder (I’m pretty sure you all know where it is) then simply click your first album of pictures.

2. Count down your photos to your lucky 10th number. But it must be a picture that hasn’t been tampered with or named and you can’t pick one you’ve already posted on blogger.

3. Lastly post your wonderful picture and tell us all the amazing story that goes with it. Sounds fun ay! Oh and don’t forget to tag 5 more people when your done!

Dawwww! Totally nostalgic now. D:
I’m not in this picture ’cause I took it, but it’s (most of) my old photography class at college on the last day of our 3 day practical exam. The one sitting on the floor is Cathy, our tutor. She was awesome, if I needed her to look at any of my work or something I used to email her saying something like ‘oi, woman!’ and we’d just cuss at each other all the time. Haha in an affectionate way of course. The girl second on the left is Ayesha, she was so strange and so endearing. She looked (and acted) a LOT like Ugly Betty – you can probably see! The guy on the far left is the gorgeous Matt, he was my first friend at college and we had a good time enthusing about makeup. The two girls in the middle, Holly and Hannah, were probably my closest friends throughout college. *Siiigh* Miss them now!

Thanks Hachii for tagging me, that was fun. I taaag:

And uhm.. Anyone else who wants to do it ;D

While we’re here, you NEED to enter Lauren’s awesome contest – all you have to do is come up with a tagline you would use if you had your own makeup brand (e.g. Barry M: Wake up your makeup, Illamasqua: Makeup for your alter ego, Maybelline: Maybe its maybelline… you get the picture)!

I ordered some Guppy nail polishes a couple of days ago; I meant to do it ages ago when I saw swatches on MissChievous’ blog but never got round to it. I ordered numbers 25, 33 and 77. AND I won a contest held by the gorgeous Jessica Klassen, a lovely lady from Canada who set up her own makeup line in January, BeautyLicious Cosmetics! She’s a lovely girl and the videos I’ve seen of people using her shadows are very promising so I can’t wait to try those out and show you guys.

Hope you’re all doing okay! Feel free to leave random chatty comments, I’m in that sort of mood. :)

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