I gots an award :D

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, I’ve not really had anything new or exciting to show you and I like to think quality of blog posts comes before quantity, right? ;D

You guys might be interested to know that I’ve started gathering bits and pieces as prizes for my first giveaway which will be when I hit 75 followers – just 13 to go so I’d better get my skates on! It won’t be huge expensive prizes, bear in mind I’m struggling to find employment, but I’ll do the best I can for you guys because you’re all awesome. Hah, and maybe when I finally get a job I’ll hold a second giveaway in celebration of my first payday!

Anyway, without further ado, I’m super excited to have been given my first bloggers’ award by the lovely Nefertari. Yaay!

It still puzzles me that the picture is a lemonade stand, but it’s cute haha. So I’m required to nominate 12 blogs I love to read. I’ve had a damn hard time whittling it down to 12 :( because you’re all wonderful. But here goes! I’m trying not to pick the same people I tagged for the photo thing.

1. Chammy
2. Sarah
3. Hachii
4. Jenn
5. Nessa
6. Phyrra
7. Sinead
8. Nicole
9. Laura Faye
10. Marcia
11. Lisa Kate
12. VexintheCity

That was hard!

In other news, for some strange unknown reason I received two sample sachets of MaxFactor’s second skin foundation in the post today. I certainly didn’t send off for them XD so god knows. But like I said, there’s two sachets, one in the shade ‘natural’, which looks like it might be okay for my skin (I’ll let you know once I try it out later today), but the other one is called ‘golden’ and it would be WAY too dark for me. Does anyone want it? I’ve got plenty of stamps sitting around in my room, and ’cause it’s just a sachet I can just throw it in an envelope and send it to anyone who might want it. ^_^; Looks as though it would be suitable for anyone with a medium skintone.

Oh and another thing; I got my A level results on Thursday – they weren’t bad but I think I could have done better. Colin still bought me BeneFit’s Laugh with me Leelee perfume though
There’s 24 different colours there, and I paid £11.97 total including P&P. Years ago, when I was about 12, my grandparents bought me a set very similar to this from the Argod catalogue, ‘cept there were only 12 colours and it cost them £35! Haha. They all went gloopy years ago though and I threw them out. But I’m looking forward to getting some new ones. ^_^;

I think that’s pretty much everything I’ve got to say right now.. ^_^;

15 thoughts on “I gots an award :D

  1. You’re welcome :) haha I remember looking at the page on the website and thinking ‘naah I’m alright with my dream satin liquid for now’ but I must have filled it out anyway and forgotten about it! I have the memory of a sieve. Which two shades did you get? You can have my golden if you like xo

  2. Thanks for the award hon. I actually have a blog post in draft at the mo for this which I need to put up today so I’ve read this just in time! Thanks for following my blog and I’m glad you enjoy it xx


    for the second time.. i’m so pissed off about it LOL but anyways!!

    first of all – BIG FAT ASS CONGRAAAAATULATIONS WITH SHINY SPARKLY GLITTER ON TOP!! FOR A LEVEL RESULTS! <33 you smart cookie you, i bet you did uber well even though we always say stoof like "..yeah.. could've done better!" :P oooo yeah!

    and dooood. speaking of foundation samples. you reminded me to order some Lily Lolo mineral makeup samples!! Me needs a new foundation <3 thankyou pumpkin!! wooooo

    ooo nice nail art pens! You’ll be happy to kno my nails are growing naturally (!!) and I haven’t bitten them in over two weeks… PHWOAR SUCCCESS OR WHAT! (for me ;)

    love you very muckle (as we say in scotland!) cupcake. doooooood your blog has grown so much in awesomeness its HARD TO KEEP UP WITH hahahah!! kidding kidding but not kidding about the awesome part. i gotsta stalk your blog mwuuahahaha! ahhh it’s a HUGE massive joy to spend all day catching up with your blog posts and having some time to twitter.. never fully realised HOW beat up and tired i am after a school day! AAAH! can’t wait for future nail posts eyyyy ;)

  4. @CHAMMEHHH: I LUFF YEW <3 haha thank yoouu! I got a B in English and I got D's in photography and sociology.. haha but at least they're still passes right!

    I’ve neverrr tried mineral foundation, I’m a bit afraid of it D: haha so make sure you tell me all about your Lily Lolo stuff when you get it! And YAAAY for no nail biting! I will choose a pretty nail polish and send it to you on your birthday as a reward ;D I know its not till December but still!

    Ahh yeah I’m so glad I’m done with school and college now. Still having massive trouble finding a job though :( *siigh* yeahh blog is suddenly growing and growing! Giveaway in 12 followers time :D

  5. @Hachii and Lisa Kate: You’re both very welcome ^_^; and yeah I can’t wait until they get here! I’m hoping to have them by next Friday at the latest.. but that seems so far away! Haha. I know I’ve got 3 packages heading my way but I don’t know when any of them are supposed to arrive, it’s driving me mad with anticipation! haha :) xo

  6. YAAAAY you smart smart pumpkin you!! you did FABBY! oooo i join you in on that one – i need to try find a part time job/job/work experience (!) next year.. leaving school/5th form this december WOOOYEAH best decision ever – would try finish it and get my .. what you call “A levels” (we call them Highers) :S buttttt got hassle at home and the parents fussing so i’m going to college next september hopefully to do art! *fingers crossed* :D woooyeah!

    d’aaaawww!! you don’t need to silly foo <3 LOL yes yes I will blogski about my experience with the mineral makeup.. don’t have a kabuki brush but i have a tightly packed dense retractable brush to use it with (!!!) xxx

  7. Hi, I wanted to leave you a coment to say that you have the coolest blog ! Great pictures and you write really interesting posts. Thanks so much for sharing it and best wishes – have a great week…

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