New stuff: Urban Decay, Boots 17, Collection 2000, N-Spa

This is all the stuff I picked up yesterday. A somewhat modest haul by many peoples’ standards but I’M SO EXCITED :D haha. There’s a body scrub and a body moisturiser from ‘Nirvana Spa’, not something I’ve heard of before. There’s one of the Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! Eye Dusts, and there’s the new mascara from 17 at Boots called Va Va Voom ^_^; cute name, and the matching limited edition eyeshadow quad. Then there’s plain vanilla Urban Decay Primer Potion, the Urban Decay Get Baked palette, and the Urban Decay Foreshadow palette. Let’s roll!

I hadn’t heard of Nirvana Spa (or N-Spa) before until I saw these in Asda. They’ve got a reasonable selection of scents and they also do bubble bath and shower gel as well as the body scrub and lotion – and at 2 for £5 on the whole range I’m quite certain I’m going to pick up some more! After extensive smell tests, I finally settled on the Raspberry Milkshake scent – I was also very tempted by Lemon Souffle, Coconut Ice Cream, and Vanilla Creme Brulee – if I get any of them soon I’ll be sure to let you know ^_^. Anyway, since these were so cheap I was a little skeptical of what the quality would be like but the smell swayed me. I’m glad it did – I’m really surprised! I used the scrub in the shower today and it’s lovely, I’m not sure what the scrubby bits are but they’re firm enough to actually buff away dead skin whilst still being gentle. There’s also a tiny bit of foam going on which is quite nice! I used the lotion (they call it body cream) on my legs after I got out of the shower (they get really dry and yucky if I don’t) and I’m really, really surprised at how moisturising this stuff actually is. I showered at about 10am, it’s now almost midnight and my legs still feel silky as though I moisturised them within the last hour! It’s wonderful, so soft and it goes such a long way. It’s not greasy or oily at all, I guess the right word to use would be.. fluffy. So far, so good with the N-Spa products!
I absolutely love the packaging too – they all say ‘DO NOT EAT – THIS IS NOT A FOOD PRODUCT’ on them XD We should all be thankful for the reminder as I think it’s entirely possible for even the most well composed of us to forget that it’s toiletry products and not just OMNOMNOM stick your face in it. :3 And each of the scents has it’s own little cute sentence type thing – the Raspberry Milkshake products have this written on them: ‘Imagine,’ said the wise man, ‘that the moon was made of raspberry. Would all socks be pink and all flowers meringue? Perhaps… and when evening falls shall we slide down the crescent laughing as we splash into warm waters of sweet milk, how enchanting life would be.’ Dawww, how sweet and yummy is that?

A few days ago my wonderful grandmother gave me a little coupon she found in a magazine which was redeemable in Superdrug stores for one Collection 2000 Dazzle Me! Eye Dust. Thanks nan

Sorry that there’s like 6 swatches for one product XD I just wanted to compare it applied wet or dry and over different bases.

Next up, some Boots 17. I really like this brand for some reason ^_^; I actually spotted this new mascara a couple of weeks ago but didn’t pick it up, but I decided yesterday was the prime time to do so as Boots had an introductory price for it (£4.68), which was £1 cheaper than the regular price. Not only that, but buying the new mascara entitled you to the Va Va Voom Limited Edition Eye Kit for free! It was the packaging that originally drew me to this, and the price of less than a fiver for a new mascara and a cute eyeshadow quad I couldn’t really say no. The tube of mascara claims the following; “Dramatically volumised lashes with party-proof staying power. Extreme volume building brush for a false lash effect.” Well, that’s what every mascara claims, right? But I’m actually very pleasantly surprised with this! I did take a picture but it doesn’t do it much justice – I’m wearing NO other makeup in the picture (which is the excuse for the gross skin) and I hadn’t bothered curling my lashes, but I guess it gives a reasonable idea of its effect.

Definitely not a false lash effect – NO mascara gives a real false lash effect without false lashes, damn it – I wish they would stop claiming that. That aside though, it’s really a very nice mascara for the price. The formula is nice and creamy, not too runny or anything. And the brush was actually pretty big! As I was applying it, the shocking realisation dawned on me that it reminded me of BeneFit BadGal Lash… What do you reckon?

Pretty close, huh? So, here’s the cute little quad. Not only do I love the design of the packaging but I like the way it opens and snaps shut with a little magnet inside :) I feel like it’s kind’ve a shame to start using it ’cause I don’t wanna destroy the pretty star shaped impressions in them D:

Having said that, I don’t think in all honesty that this is going to be a quad I use on a regular basis. The shadows look so lovely in the packaging, but I’m slightly disappointed at the pigmentataion ’cause the 17 mono eyeshadows are lovely.

These were swatched over UDPP. The white is probably the worst of the bunch, but I have my trusty Maybelline eyestudio mono to fill that niche. Still think it’s a really cute little quad though, and I’m determined to come up with a nice EOTD with it. I’ll post it when I do :)

Next up; the Urban Decay Get Baked Palette!

*Squeeee* I get all excited just looking at the swatches. I can’t believe how much I love these colours! The pencil is amazing, too – I may have to pick up some other colours soon. As for UDPP in Sin – I like it SO much more than regular UDPP, it feels a lot less greasy. As you saw in the first picture of this post, I also picked up normal UDPP for £11 for the simple reason that there was an offer on – buy any two Urban Decay products and get the Foreshadow palette for free. ;D

“Our first-ever quad collection combines best-selling shades – PLUS an exclusive brush – in one must-have palette.” For a start, I LOVE the brush! It’s so dinky and cute and soft and dense and lovely. Good for applying colour to the lower lashline, or precise application on the outer V or crease. Swatches? Yes please! Swatched over regular UDPP.

I’m really glad that this included Midnight Cowboy shadow since that’s Urban Decay’s most popular eyeshadow; I believe so anyway, correct me if I’m wrong. So yeah, I was really happy to be able to try it out and I can’t say I really get what all the fuss is about! Granted it’s a gorrrgeous colour, but I’m certainly not a fan of the massive chunks of gritty glitter D:. Also, I now have two Flipsides XD since it’s included in the Get Baked palette too. I’m not complaining though, I love the colour and I can imagine myself using it quite a lot. I’m kind’ve on the fence about Oil Slick – gorgeous rich pigmentation which is rare for black shadows, but again, the damn glitter! It’s not quite as irritating as Midnight Cowboy though. Stray Dog is another winner, it marries in so well with the Get Baked colours. Ugghh so excited about all this stuuuuuuff!

And that’s it! I spent quite a bit more money than I should have done considering my ongoing state of unemployment – through no fault of my own, I’d like to add. I’m trying damn hard.

I’ve had shipping notifications from both and the eBay seller I used recently, so in the near future I shall be posting about the brush set heading my way and the NYX lipsticks + MAC pigment. Also expect some EOTDs/FOTDs!

P.S. If you managed to read all of this then be sure to leave a comment so I can thank you for being so patient with my poorly constructed ramblings ^_^;

5 thoughts on “New stuff: Urban Decay, Boots 17, Collection 2000, N-Spa

  1. RASPBERRY MILKSHAKE SOUNDS SO GOOD RIGHT NAO! Even if it’s in body scrub and cream form…!! I’m always on the look out for new body creams and butters and lotions and potions, stop tempting meeeee :D

    hahahahaha om nom nom STICK UR FACE IN IT.. love it!! :3 <3
    just the mental vision of it.. hahaha! oh everything is hilarious when it’s 1am ^.^

    collection 2000 is slowly creeping back into my “need to buyyy” list again. Damn! At this rate I’ll spend all my money as soon as I get it :x

    I love Boots and their introductory little prices, wooo! And their boots advantage cards & points scheme.
    Me and my friendling are having this mad competition to get the most advantage points LOL it’s hard dammit!!

    and jeezo!! the Mascara brush is a big ‘un, you’re right – v similar to Benefits brush!

    the palette looks like it would’ve had potential.. Maybe if it had shimmer or something interesting like that :P

    The Urban Decay palette is a STAR i love the colour combo they put together! Oil Slick looks lush!!

    AND YEEEEEAAAAH for future EOTDs & FOTDs! Mac Pigment you say?? More neutrals or crazy brights? (you tease LOL now im dying to find out naaaao!) i’ve heard marvy things about NYX lippies too.. cnt wait to see the future posts! :D

  2. YAAYY for long ass comments at 1am! <3

    Honestly you NEEEEED this raspberry milkshake stuff in your life, and it’s only 2 for £5 :D

    Ahaaa yeah me and loverboy share an advantage card (probably the closest we’ll ever get to a joint bank account ahaha) ’cause when we were at college we both used to get a meal deal every day. Finished college now though so no more meal deals and lots of points :(

    I’m a bit picky with Collection 2000, I love their eyeliners but their eyeshadows have been a bit pants in my experience, although I was quite surprised by the loose one :D

    And OOOOOOMG can’t wait to do lots of EOTDsss :D haha I’m still ridiculously excited.

    Uhmm the pigment sample is Vanilla; wanted to try a mac picment for aaages but I thought I’d be sensible and go for a safe multi-purpose colour for my first go :D

    And then biiig 25 brush set on the way too.. AND loverboy who conveniently lives in London is taking me shopping for my birthday in a couple of weeks, EEEE excitement!

  3. I love Boots and their introductory little prices, And their boots advantage cards & points scheme. I and my friendling are having this mad competition to get the most advantage points LOL it’s hard dammit!!

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