Tag! ;D

Okay okay, so I wasn’t actually tagged. I stole it from Emma over at The Girl With The Arab Strap, but she said it’s okay so ;P

20 Questions Tag

1: Things you cannot leave the house without.
The obvious stuff; phone, purse (or wallet to Americans), keys. Other than that, lip balm, smokes, lighter. I know I know, shut up. D:

2: Favourite brand of make-up.
To be honest I haven’t tried enough brands to make a well-informed decision, and I like different brands for different things anyway. Barry M is definitely a favourite, but other than that I’ve never really considered it.

3: Favourite flower.
Oh I love flowers ^_^ birds of paradise are my favourite! And lillies – lillies of any colour! Especially pink ones and white ones. Oh but I like the orange ones too.. blaah.

4: Favourite clothing store.
Never really thought about this one either – as with makeup, I like different shops for different things. Primark for tights, bags, and other accessory type things! Then I like the generic high street stuff.. H&M, New Look etc. I’m afraid I’m not very original in that respect although there’s a lot to be said for hunting out a godsend in TK Maxx.

5: Favourite perfume.
I’m dying to get a proper bottle of Miss Dior Cherie, I’ve had so many sameples of it.

6: Heels or Flats.
Flats flats flats. I love the way heels make my legs look (they’re kinda stumpy but my calves are really shapely and heels accentuate that), but my feet get SO PAINFUL and covered in blisters if I walk any reasonable distance in them; and bear in mind it’s a 30 minute walk down my road to get to the train station etc. So it has to be flats. D:

7: Do you make good grades.
I had excellent grades in school – mostly As with a few Bs and Cs thrown in so I didn’t look like too much of a nerd! I got a B, a C and two Ds in my first year of college which was pretty abysmal by my standards but A levels are hard D: I’m still waiting on my results for my second year of college.

8. Favourite colours.
Brights! Orange, yellow, fuschia, green, all that jazz. But make-up wise I prefer neutrals or muted greens for everyday :)

9. Do you drink energy drinks.
No, mainly because most energy drinks are carbonated and I’ve never, ever like anything fizzy. Powerade is quite nice though :3

10. Do you drink juice.
Yesss, I love juice. It’s mostly all I drink XD I’m particularly fond of blueberry juice at the moment but apple and raspberry juice is one of my all time favourites. Mmmm.

11. Do you like swimming.
No, I’m terrified of deep water. That is, water I can’t stand in.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork.
Yeah, apart from fast food places of course.

13. Favourite mousturiser.
Facial moisturiser: Garnier Ultra Lift. Body moisturiser: Lush King of Skin body butter

14. Do you want to get married later on in life.
Yesyesyes absolutely. That’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do; be a wife and a mum.

15. Do you get mad easily.
Nah, I’m very calm in most situations. It’s funny ’cause my mum and my sister get so angry all the time over the tiniest little things and my dad and I just sit there like ‘whatever, chill’ XD

16. Are you into ghost hunting.
Srsly? ¬_¬

17. Any phobias.
Well no, not phobias; I don’t faint/have panic attacks over anything. But of course I’m very scared of spiders, and deep water as I mentioned. I’m also terrified of going blind or deaf. Completely irrational fear I know, but I always freak out and cry if I get a papercut.

18. Do you bit your nails.
Well that was bad grammar, haha. But no, never – I don’t understand how people can do it. It’s icky.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience.
Unfortunately. But just the one. I was very lucky!

20. Do you drink coffee.
Ugh, no. Sorry, my tastebuds haven’t matured enough yet. XD

4 thoughts on “Tag! ;D

  1. yaaay! thanks love for changing it to default temporarily ;D
    heroine kiss me mascara is a bit pricey on ebay! I bought mine from Adambeauty.com = it’s super quick international posting and prices are great even with the USD/GBP conversion ;)
    BUT beware, it has little fibres (like blinc mascara) that catch onto the lashes to make them longer and thicker but if you get it in your eye it’s irritating and scratchy! So just be careful, espesh the waterline bit under your top lashes ;D

    collection 2000 waterproof liner is the shiz too, i have found my two HG eye products mwhahaha!! Mascara adverts cannot sway me now that I have my two babies!! haha

    argggh I need to find a HG peachy blush though! I can’t carry off red/pink blushes :(

    hahaha!! Glad you liked my randomnosity longass mofo post! ♥ xx

  2. Hahaha I KNOW RIGHT collection 2000 eyeliner is wonderful. Most of their other stuff is pretty pants though :(
    Mascara adverts NEVER sway me ’cause it always says ‘styled with lash inserts’ at the bottom!

    Hrrmm… have you tried nars orgasm? Peachy and shimmery and OM NOM NOM lovely but ickle bit pricey. Worth it though :)

  3. ahhh!! I haven’t splurged out properly before on something.. bloody well hope it’s not just a great hyped up product for such a crazy price LOL :D

    I have this mini too faced II palette and it has THE perfect peachy shade but the buggers don’t say what shade it is at the back/whether it’s available to buy just a single blush LOL grrr!!

    but my HG mascara is luuurvely! Specifically designed for asian lashes especially (short and straight lashes) :D and it works a treat!!

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