EOTD for Rachel

I did my little sister’s makeup today and all I asked in return was that I could take some photos for my blog ;D We went for something not too bright but with plenty of glitter.

Eye products used
:: Urban Decay Primer Potion
:: Barry M Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon (Gold 01)
:: Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
:: Urban Decay Stray Dog
:: Maybelline EyeStudio Mono (005 Snow White)
:: Go! Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner (Black)
:: Rimmel London SpecialEyes kohl liner (161 Black Magic)
:: No7 Dream Lash mascara (Black)

:: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation (Ivory 010)
:: Boots 17 Loose Powder (Fair)
:: Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow brozing powder (Gold 07)
:: NYC UltraLast lipstick (Rose Gold)
:: Maybelline Watershine lipgloss (Crystal Rocks 103)

5 thoughts on “EOTD for Rachel

  1. OMG that is luuurvely! simple and neutral but with a kick!! a laaaaaike!
    wish i had a sissy instead of a bro at times :P cant do makeup on a bro (why can’t he be gay and into makeup? LOLOL) :D

    DAMMITY DAMN DAM you have seen the magical Derren Brown live! ahh! that was your magical date with loverboy then hehe :P mwhahaha! xx

  2. Haha :D it wasn’t so much a date, more of a ‘we’ve been together for a year, what shall we do?’ ‘I know, let’s go and see Derren Brown live’

    Yeahhh I love my little sis :) never wanted a bro! But one of my closest friends is a guy who likes makeup so I have best of both worlds ;P

  3. BEST 1 YEAR / ANY YEAR (!!) ANNIVERSARY EVAR! :P *jeaaalous* mwhaha!
    it creeps me out but astounds me too.. Have you ever seen the film called The Prestige w/Christian Bale in it? O M G it’s amazing – full of magic and mind trickery – amazing plot zomggg

    awwwweee! I’m one of those sis’ that get on with their bro really well and my pal doesn’t understand how (she hates her bros guts) :O
    lucky duck you! (..with an ACE accent goddamn) :D xx

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