EOTD and a little extra

I couldn’t WAIT to get up and start playing with my new stuff this morning. But my creativity appears to have run completely dry o.O this was all I could come up with. What’s wrong with me lately?

Eye products used
:: Urban Decay Shadows in Baked, Half Baked, Twice Baked, Flipside, Midnight Cowboy
:: The light shimmery gold from Sleek’s i-Divine palette in Jewels
:: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil in Bourbon
:: 17 Va Va Voom Volume mascara (2 coats) in Black

And blah, that’s it. I need some inspiration D: Did make myself feel a little better by reorganising the little chest of drawers I keep my makeup in and sticking my brushes in the big ceramic vase I bought for £1 at a charity shop (the brushes in my picture aren’t all of the ones I own, I’d just washed some so didn’t want to put them upright ^_^;)

In that chest of drawers, the top left one is full of foundation, powders, blush, highlighter etc. The top middle one is for mascaras and tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers, and the top right one is eyeliners of all types.
The two middle drawers are the ones pictured ’cause they’re probably the nicest to look at XD the left one houses the loose/single/duo eyeshadows I use most often (there’s a lot more that I don’t really use thrown unceremoniously into a box in my wardrobe) and eyeshadow bases. You can see the bases on the right of that particular picture; I’ve organised them into the packaging that my UD Get Baked palette came in – they all fit so perfectly haha. The middle left drawer is home to my favourite lip products. The lipsticks are stood upside down in a little round pot so I can actually see what colour I’m going for, like I did with my Barry M Dazzle Dusts in the eyeshadow drawer. I don’t know why I never thought of doing that before, it just makes life so much easier haha. The big bottom drawer is where my palettes live, and eye quads and stuff that I couldn’t fit in the eyeshadow drawer. In there you’ll find my 120 palette, Sleek palette, UD palettes, Eyeko manga makeup book, and assorted other sets and quads. ^_^;

2 thoughts on “EOTD and a little extra

  1. people say you always think better and clearer when you’re room is clean and everything is organized etc… that sounds like procrastination from doing stuff like essays etc LOL :P

    love the EOTD – your eyes are laaavly!! damn stop making me want the UD palettes LOL And HOLY COW i want your lashes! so naaaice! love love love the way your post is laid out <3

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