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I haven’t got much to report right now – in fact, I wanted to ask a favour of my (very few but very appreciated) subscribers but I feel like I can’t write a blog post without some pictures!

With that in mind, I thought I’d show you my two favourite lip product combinations right now. One is all pink and girly, and the other is a coral-ly look. ;D
PLEASE bear in mind that I just swiped on lipstick and hastily threw on some gloss to take these pictures before the sun went down – it would look MUCH neater and prettier if I’d have bothered with lipliner and applying lipsticks with a lip brush which is what I would usually do but yeah. You get the idea, right?

So this combo is one that I’ll normally wear with a white/pink eye look that I’ve been doing a lot recently (I’ll post that up at some point, I promise), or with brighter coloured eye looks involving blues, greens, yellows etc. :)
It’s Boots 17 Sheer Moisture lipstick in Pink Chiffon (no number), and Bourjois 3D Cosmic gloss in Rose Symphonic (#20). I LOVE that gloss because I am a sucker for any gloss which comes with an actual brush applicator rather than a doefoot wand. ^_^;

This combo is the one I’ll turn to with neutral eye looks and most things that I don’t want to combine with pink. As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn’t sure about coral but I got that lipgloss in a 3 for 2 offer and I ended up buying a coral lipstick a couple of days later to pair up with the gloss – see, I’m branching out!
It’s Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Soft Coral (#200), and Maybelline Watershine gloss in Crystal Rocks (#103).

Well, that’s my contribution for this post, and now I need your help! It’s my 18th birthday in a few weeks (August 10th, for the record ;P) and my boyfriend is going to take me shopping. I’m not telling you how much he’s spending because that’s not important but I’ve already planned a lot of clothes and stuff that I want to buy but I want some more makeup too (naturally!). So, I’m asking for recommendations from anyone who follows my blog as well as anyone who just happens to stumble across it, please! :D
I’m after mostly drugstore stuff because I’ve never been particularly desperate for designer labels – and bear in mind I live in the UK so we don’t have NYX and probably quite a few other brands in the US. But, I’d like to hear any recommendations anyone has! One particular thing I’m after is a nude coloured lipstick that DOESN’T give the ‘concealer lip’ effect – something a bit more peachy than horribly white.
I say mostly drugstore but I’m open to suggestions of products from Urban Decay, Too Faced, BeneFit, Illamasqua and… MAC. Believe it or not, I may actually pick up a MAC product or two – I think it’s about time I saw what all the fuss was about! But yeah, nothing too high end please ;P

3 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. I think it depends on what you want for your first “big” makeup purchase. I think based on your posts I can safely say bright colors are something your not afraid of. For something not too ridiculously priced, I think you should get the Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette. It’s the purple one with the metal netting- it comes with 9 eyeshadows (3 are fairly neutral) and a mini UDPP!

  2. whoooah yeah! The urban decay palettes look divine, and a lovely purchase :D I’ve heard good reviews about MAC’s creme cup lipstick but I can’t think of a particular amazing nudey lippy at the mo..

    If you can, try find SLEEK I-Divine palettes (black eyeshadow palettes) they are raaaad.

  3. Kyuubi – funny you should say that, I was considering the Urban Decay Get Baked palette ’cause the three Baked colours are UHMAZING, but I should probably just go the whole hog and get a bigger palette ;P

    Chammy – I have a I-Divine palette in Jewels :D (see a couple of posts below this) but I just might pick up one or two more because they’re so cheap but srsly good! :3

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