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So I haven’t updated in 5 weeks or something silly like that. I’ve been busyyy okay D: Last week I did my fifteen hour photography exam – and I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome. Hopefully I did okay; here’s all 8 of my final images mounted ;D (‘scuse my boots) – the model is

Right, down to bizniz. I don’t actually talk like that, but whatever. I’ve accumulated a LOT of drugstore stuff since my last update and photographing and swatching everything would take FOREVER so here’s a brief look through some of the stuff.

For a start, my wonderful nan gets free samples of Boots No7 stuff ’cause she buys a lot of their anti-ageing products and she passes what she doesn’t want onto me; here’s Liplicious gloss in Marshmallow.

As you can see it’s pretty sheer with a pink tint but it’s really nice over most lipsticks. But the real reasons I love it are the smell (really fruity and yummy) AND it’s the least sticky gloss I’ve ever tried. Along with that, a teeny tiny super cute sample of their Stay Perfect eyeliner in Jewel – look at how little it is! Dawww.

There’s the swatch, too – the colour is absolutely identical to the product in the tube which I’m pretty happy about. Downside, though, is that it’s a right fucker to get off. I’ve found that with a lot of liquid liners – one of the only ones that doesn’t take a year to get off is Collection 2000 Fast Stroke, which is super cheap and has a spongy kinda brush which I much prefer to proper brushes for liquid liner. But that’s totally besides the point :3. I haven’t actually done any looks with this No7 liner yet, but I’ll let you know when I do.

In this next picture is the last little thing I got from my grandmother, Stay Perfect eyeshadow in Tender (50). It’s a lovely shimmery peachy gold colour, but unfortunately not very highly pigmented. If you really pack it on though, you can just about make it noticeable. Also pictured (not from my nan but I couldn’t be arsed to take seperate pictures) is another Barry M Dazzle Dust in numberrr 31 which I believe is called Lavender. After swatching these together I actually thought they look quite nice together in an odd, mismatched way. Maybe if I can be bothered at some point in the near future I’ll try out a look with them together.

Along with that Dazzle Dust, I got a number of other super-cheap Superdrug goodies :D we’ll stay with Barry M for a moment and take a look at my super sexy new nail polishes – Superdrug are doing 2 for £4.99 on Barry M Nail Paint at the moment :D but I couldn’t resist three. Haha. Here is 293 (Grey), 272 (Shocking Pink) and 294 (Cyan Blue). I got these about a week ago but I love the grey one so much that I haven’t changed my nail colour yet ^_^; I normally change it every 2 days or so – you can see it in the picture above of the No7 eyeliner. I’ve got the blue one on my toenails at the moment, it’s reeeally pretty. They don’t need swatching, you can just take my word for it that they all apply identically to how they look in the bottle. Amaaazing! You might need 2 coats but I normally do 2 coats of nail polish anyway.

Next, I decided I wanted some new lipstick and decided to go for something cheap and cheerful. I wasn’t expecting much from these NYC (New York Colour) Ultralast lipsticks at £1.95 each, but MY GOD I was wrong. I actually love them – they really do last a long time (even if I eat, have a drink, or have a cigarette, it stays put). I’m actually tempted to buy the whole range of these because they’re so cheap. I got, from left to right, Caramel (401B), Red Flame (402B) and Rose Gold (413B).

These next three pictures weren’t taken in natural light, but I’m sure you get the idea of each one.

Caramel is a lovely goldy brown colour – I normally HATE browns on my lips because I’m so pale but this one I manage to pull off somehow.

Red Flame isn’t the elusive perfect red that everyone’s always looking for, but I’m not looking for it so this is fine by me. I actually find it’s more of a very reddy-pink than it is pure red. But I like it regardless. It goes great with the crazy rainbow looks I’ve been trying out recently.

Rose Gold is probably the most subtle of the three but I really like the colour – a girly pink with a pretty gold undertone which isn’t too overpowering. One thing I dislike about this one though, is that it must have some actual fine glitter in it because it feels a little… gritty when you press your lips together compared to the other two which are super smooth.

Another NYC thing (honestly, you can’t not at the ridiculously cheap prices): Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow – what a fantastic cheap blush! I don’t like blush to be super pigmented and overpowering; overdone blush is one of the biggest faux pas in my book so drugstore blush is often better for me anyway. But this one is such a lovely, pretty pink without any annoying shimmer or sparkle or any other crap.

Aaand last thing for now, a little Collection 2000 eyeshadow trio. Like I’ve said before, I really like Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner so I thought I’d give their shadows a go. I must say I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised, I guess. This trio is is called Steel Ice (04) and features three very sparkly shadows in silver, a metallicy sort of light blue and a dark grey (almost black). They all swatched okay, but the silver comes out pretty shitty on my eyelids and feels kinda gritty ’cause of all the glitter – the other too aren’t nearly as annoying to apply and are actually much better pigmented. Overall though, not a regrettable purchase.

That’s all I can be bothered with for now, although I do have pics of a couple of rainbow looks I’ve done recently but I’ll save those for my next post – which I promise won’t be as far away as this one was from the last one!

OH and one last thing! Today I picked up some Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation – I’d been meaning to try the dream matte mousse for a while but I swatched it in Superdrug today and it felt horrible so I went for the liquid instead. I tried it out as soon as I got home (if you’re interested, I use sponges rather than a brush because I like my coverage to be that bit lighter) and it seems lovely so far but I’ll have to let you know more when it’s been for a full road-test. :)

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  1. :) love my mention babe
    fabulous blog post as always. i wanted to get the barrym nail paint in grey. bring it in soon to paint my nails with me :))))

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