More stuff about Dazzle Dusts

I said that I’d do something about Barry M Dazzle Dusts this week, so here it is – a comparison of wet and dry application along with how I like to apply them. ^_^

So here’s some swatches of the 6 colours I have so far. They’re all applied over a primer, but the swatches on the right were applied dry and the ones on the left were applied wet. It’s quite easy to see how different the vibrancy is – here’s three more pictures closer up.

Here’s Kingfisher and Fuschia – a bit confusing ’cause the wet swatches are on the right this time because the picture of all six of the colours up my arm was flipped upside down XD Anyway, you can see that Kingfisher still is quite highly pigmented when applied dry but Fuschia is pretty blothcy. Applied wet though, Fuschia becomes a lot more striking although probably too bold for everyday looks.

Emerald and Midnight – like Kingfisher, they still work pretty well dry which makes these two colours perfect for the way I like to apply and blend my dazzle dusts which I’ll talk about after the swatches. I can’t believe how incredible they look wet.

Pale Silver and Old Gold – Old Gold similarly to Emerald and Midnight blends excellently between its wet and dry states, but Pale Silver is a massive disappointment even when applied wet. When I swatched it dry on the back of my hand in the shop before I bought it, it didn’t look like much to write home about (as you can see) but I thought it’d be great applied wet. I was wrong – it’s still pretty lame. I hoped it was going to be like painting molten metal onto your eyelids. :( It wasn’t. It still works really nicely as a sparkly brow highlight though.

The only unfortunate thing about applying Dazzle Dusts wet is that they become difficult to blend out and leave very harsh lines, but I developed a way around this. ^_^ To prepare the powders for wet application, get your brush wet and press a few drops of it into the lid of the dazzle dust. Then with your wet brush, load the brush up with pigment and mix it into the drops of water in the lid to make a smooth paste. Make sure you get rid of all the lumps ’cause they’re a bitch to smooth out if you get a little lump on your eyelid D: then apply this paste (over primer) to your eyelid, going just a tiiiny way past the crease.

Looks shite at the moment, right? And no matter how hard to you try to blend out those edges, the paste just doesn’t want to blend into your skin on it’s own. So we’ll add some dry Dazzle Dust around the edges and blend them together! With the same colour (or a shade darker if you have a wider selection than I do), apply a little bit dry over the edge of the wet Dazzle Dust (don’t worry, it dries within seconds) and a little way past it, into the shape you like to have your eyeshadow.

Then, apply a pale colour as brow highlight (I used Pale Silver Dazzle Dust), then blendblendblend. Then apply your liner and mascara etc as normal ^_^; I really rushed this ’cause I wanted to catch the last of the daylight yesterday so I could take pictures ’cause the lights in my house are crappy.

Well that’s all I’ve got for this post. I did a nice pink look earlier today with my 120 palette but I didn’t take any good pictures before it got dark D: I’ll try and replicate it another day.

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