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My 120 pro palette FINALLY arrived today! *Dances* Oh I was so excited!
But I decided to be sensible and prioritise… I’d just started a sociology practice paper when the post came so I decided to finish that off before I let myself play with my new palette. Aren’t I a good girl? ^___^;

So I’ve only done two looks on myself so far but I had SO MUCH FUN. Christ, it was impossible to know what looks to try out ’cause there’s sooo many colours to choose from. As well as the two I did on myself, I did an icy blue look on my sister but she wouldn’t let me take any pictures D

1: Applied to whole primed lid and a little past the crease
2: Blended into the outer third of the eye and under lower lash line
3: Blended into very outer corner and into crease for shadow definition
4: Brow highlight, then liner and mascara to finish

1: Applied to whole primed lid
2: Blended outwards with 1 a little past the crease
3: Blended into inner corners, and applied to inner corner of lower lash line
4: Blended into crease and a little into outer corners as well as lining the lower lash line
5: Brow highlight, then liner and mascara to finish.

YAY! So these are the results from my first little session with the 120 pro palette. At some point this week, I’ll do a more in-depth post about the Barry M Dazzle Dusts I have.

2 thoughts on “IT’S HEREEE!

  1. That purple look is fantastic! I like how it contrasts with your eyes.

    And, I’m kind of a fail at blogger/blogspot, so I’m not sure if there was a way I could reply to comments… so I replied via a comment on your post instead xD; Anyways, I’d be glad to swatch Old Gold for you, though most likely it will be done on Monday or Tuesday, but it will get done. If I actually owned a Barry M Dazzle Dust, I would swatch it next to it for you, but alas, I do not. But I will try to find similar colors that I own, I suppose.

    And thank you, thank you so much for that, it was a real ego booster. I found it funny that you say that, because most people think I’m way younger than I am (I’ve been mistaken for a 13 year old before). I love finding others my age who are into make up, because it seems like the majority are adults, which, while cool, is sometimes hard to relate due to the fact they generally do not have the problems of parents or allowances! :D

    Anyways I’m rambling, so all in all, thanks for the comments/compliments/cheering ons/swatch request. I’m looking forward to some more posting :]

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