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Hey, I’m.. actually, I won’t tell you my name. I’m all for online friends and all that – in fact, I met my best friend (who lives about 250 miles away) online. But I’d like to keep this one anonymous for now, since most of the subject matter would seem rather out of character for those who know me, and I don’t know, I just want to keep it quiet for now. ^_^

So that’s my justification for jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and starting a blog about makeup. Only I’m convinced that my little sub-genre is somewhat less overbearing than the ‘tutorial & haul’ blogs and videos accounts which are dominating YouTube and the collective blogosphere. You see – I don’t claim to know much about makeup at all. In fact, it’s only recently become a significant interest; a spark ignited by my charming boyfriend telling me I should wear more makeup and the fire blazed brighter as I browsed YouTube for these infamous tutorial videos. If you’re a makeup fan, you’ll know Lauren Luke, aka Panacea81, and you’ll know that my opinion matches everyone else’s – what an inspiration! She is the embodiment of all that is real, and that’s something that should be aspired to. I was also kinda influenced by a good friend of mine from college, he might be a boy but his makeup skills surpass those of any of the girls I know.

Now let’s backtrack a little – up until I was about 12, I was a right little tomboy. All I knew about makeup was that I didn’t want to look like the silly ‘popular’ tarts at my school with orange faces and lurid pink lips. When I hit 13, my hideous unpopularity led me to be drawn into the ‘grunger’ circle – thick black eyeliner became my best friend and even now, almost 5 years on I very rarely leave the house without eyeliner on (although I’ve obviously toned it down a massive amount since then)! At 15, I became sick of death metal and black clothes and gradually began to remove black in its entirety from my wardrobe. At 17, black has only worked its way back into it in the form of shoes, shorts and vest tops.

Despite the slow but sure expansion of my wardrobe since I outgrew the grunger phase, makeup has still always been a bit of an issue for me – almost a phobia if you want to go that far. Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t leave the house without a tiny bit of cheap pressed eyeshadow and rushed eyeliner, because at college I had a lot more people to impress than I ever did at school, and hoped not to gain myself a reputation as a skank. Well, I still don’t know what my peers think of me collectively (and in hindsight I don’t know why I ever cared – I’m doing this for me), but hopefully ‘skank’ wouldn’t be included in any of their descriptions of me.

I suppose I can condense all that into a more managable summary and say that this is my little place to document my exploration into the world of makeup. At nearly 18 years old I may be a bit of a late starter, but I’m determined to gain the confidence I’ve always needed and makeup so far appears to be a suitable outlet. I’m enjoying how easy it is to learn about, too. In only a couple of weeks my makeup vocabulary has skyrocketed and I’m more excited than ever about achieving a reinvention of myself!

2 thoughts on “A new fascination

  1. i love my mention wheyyyy!!
    i love the latest blog babe. didnt mention the 1st rule of an out the closet shadower: steal the base pencil from superdrug coz ‘a mightz well’ ahaha i love you!
    i look forward to your pro palette coming :)
    and yes drag colin to mac. if you get overwhelmed by the stuipd mac whores, gimme a ring and i’ll guide you to the right stuff in there ahhha
    love you babe xx

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